Wakefield & Ossett Wargamers

If you're a wargamer in the Wakefield and Ossett area, then why not join us?

Where are we?   

RECON 2001

Wakefield & Ossett Wargamers meet on the 2nd Sunday in every month (5.30-10.30) and on Monday nights (7-10) in all other weeks.


We play a wide range of games and periods, most frequently Ancients using DBA and DBM, but also WWII (air, land and sea), Napoleonic, Sci-Fi, ACW, ECW, naval games from all periods plus the odd boardgame and some one-off experimental games.  We are always willing to try anything (at least once).  We play a fair number of multi-player games so you will always be assured of a place in something.

There is a charge of 30p per night.

We meet at one of our member's houses (Map) so:

For further information

Andrew Parkin, 17 Deveon Grove, Off Runtlings Lane, Ossett WF5  8QY Tel.01924 276980

Or e-mail t.kohler@which.net