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The Page About Tom

Tom Dawe is Fragile's rhythm guitarist, backing percussionist, backing vocalist and court jester all rolled into one. Most people who see Fragile immediately warm to Tom and the part that he plays in the band. Tom's delight to be a part of Fragile is never more apparent than when he is on stage ripping out the riff for Wurm! By his own admission he isn't a Steve Howe but his contribution is crucial, often making the difference between a faithfully reworked Yes classic and a compromise. Tom is a man of few words so Jon presents here his tribute to Tom Dawe . . .


Tom with Fragile  

And in earlier times . . .





Many people ask, "Why Tom?" and I will answer this as honestly as I can.

I first met Tom in 1987 when I was asked to join his band. The first thing I noticed was the quality of the playing. He has a simple approach to the guitar and plays with feel rather than ego. On most styles I wouldn't use any other guitarist!

Tom has been a good friend since 1987 and, although a bit of a "dodgy geezer", he is reliable in that friendship. What I mean is, he may stab you in the back but he will also explain why he is doing it. Only joking!

The big question is why is Tom in Fragile? A review of a gig last year said that they only heard him three times during the gig. I say, Good - he is doing his job properly. There is only room for one Steve Howe. Here are some answers below, you may disagree with me but we are all entitled to your opinions and it works for us:

1. He is fun to have around (and you need that when you are faced with a gig 250 miles away).

2. He knows his place (what other guitarist would WANT to play second fiddle. Think hard about that one).

3. He plays from the heart.

4. He has the ability to "connect" with an audience. The better the audience, the more he will play up to them.

5. He has survived many line-up changes over the last three years. That must account for something.

6. He has no pretences, does not analyse anything and would play anywhere as long as it's a gig.


Jon & Tom onstage in 2000

There is no point in doing a history of what Tom has done musically in the past as

a) He hasn't until now done anything credible (apart from playing with the Nolans but, to tell you the truth, I was there as well).

b) He doesn't live in the past. He is just glad to be doing this NOW.

I can't think of anything else to say apart from being content to think how wrong certain ex-members of the band were when they said that there wasn't room for two guitarists . . . there will always be room for Tom!

Tom, we love you

Jon Bastable


Tom gets a surprise!

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