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The Page About Steve - Part II


Steve's story continues with a recent conversation here . . .


Steve & Jon On Stage 


Whilst retaining an interest in his wife's musical business commitments and holding down a demanding day job, Steve has pretty much devoted the last five years to the development of Fragile and its activities. Steve recounted his memory of events in a recent discussion with www.yestribute.com "The original plan was to do a couple of gigs at pub venues just to prove it could be done, and 1998 that's as far as we could see. Since then there has been eleven band members, two CD releases, an award winning website, UK and International gigs at high profile rock venues, media coverage, the development of the band as a songwriting force, and recognition from the world wide Yes community. Its been a marvellous experience, and we have made many new friends and aquaintances through Fragile".

Steve's role in the band is crucial to its continued success "I suppose I am a bit 'Andersonesque' in that I kind of direct things. I don't think of myself as the band leader, more a conduit or facilitator to make things happen. I am surrounded by excellent musicians and this makes things easy from an artistic perspective. My role is to represent the guys, set the agenda, negotiate the deals, and deliver on the practical logistics, it's not a romantic role, but its necessary if you want things to happen".

And what about the small matter of being the vocalist and front person? "Singing Jon's parts has become comfortable after nearly five years of doing it, and lines that were a nightmare at the beginning are easy now. I have never tried to imitate him or indeed pretend that I am him, and indeed that's just plain stupid as there's only one Jon. Nonetheless, people seem to like my way of interpreting Jon's vocals, and if it works.. well that's fine. One critic recently said that the only thing in common that I had with Jon was gender, and that was from a so called musician and Yes expert. That outburst kind of made me realise how much we had achieved and the envy it sometimes stokes up. The reality is that any musician of talent would love the challenge of performing Yes music, but the difference is that we put our necks on the line and did it. I don't have time for bedroom players who carp about about a particular chord shape, I'd rather talk to the punter whose paid a fiver and been in Yes heaven for two and a half hours!".

Being comfortable with Jon


Steve hopes it will go on!

Is Steve still a Yes fan or has being so close to the music altered his relationship with all things Yes? "I am still a Yes fan and that won't change, its in the blood!. But though playing the music I have learnt to view them on two levels, one as a fan, and the other as a performer. I now see them more as masters of their trade and remarkable human beings, rather than demi-gods or quasi-religious figures!. At our gigs we try to make Yes music fun and accessible, just as it was in the early years of the band".

Finally, looking back over the last twenty five years of music making since he hit the London pubs with Camera, where do Fragile fit in?. For me its been the most enjoyable part of my musical life, and that's why I am still doing it. I came close in the early and late eighties to 'making it', but it was a time of back stabbing and double dealing, and I don't think I was half the performer and vocalist I am now. No, with Jon, Tom, Mitch and Rob, I feel very comfortable and talk a common language, and after a break of nearly fifteen years it's great to be songwriting again. It feels like a time of opportunity again, and who knows where it will go. Whatever, it's been a great ride and I hope it lasts for as long as possible!"

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