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Read all the articles that we've discovered about Fragile including their inclusion in a Q Magazine feature on tribute bands . . . more.


The release of "Live at the Half Moon" gave us all great pleasure, read what others think about it . . . more.


Our reason to be here - the shows! Read reviews of most of the shows that Fragile have performed over the years . . . more.


"Some say that it's written in the circles"


Fragile reviewed in Q Magazine

Jon Bastable interviewed in Global Bass Magazine

Huw Lloyd Langton Talks About Fragile

Fragile in Gypsies of Different Times



"Speak to me, teach me, magnify the truth you are"

We are always delighted to receive gig reviews from people who have attended the shows and over the years we have gathered quite a collection of them! You don't have to take our word about it as far as Fragile goes - there are an army of people in here to tell you all about it! If you have a review of a Fragile show or some pictures you have taken of one of the gigs we'd be delighted to receive them. Just e-mail us.

The Robin, March 20th 2003

Club Riga, March 28th 2003

The Victoria Hall, February 15th 2002

The Picket Theatre, February 16th 2002

Bar Cuba, February 17th 2002

The Robin 2, March 9th 2002

Club Riga, April 12th 2002

The Standard, May 3rd 2002

The Limelight, June 20th 2002

The Robin, June 21st 2002

Club Riga, April 6th 2001

The Spirit of 66, April 2001 in English and French

The Limelight Club, May 3rd 2001

The Horn Reborn, May 24th 2001

The Fleece (includes pictures!), June 16th 2001

The Robin, June 22nd 2001

The Brook, July6th 2001

The Manor, July 22nd 2001

The Standard, September 21st 2001

The Robin, November 2nd 2001

The Victoria Hall, Tring, November 9th 2001

The Horn, November 15th 2001

Club Riga, November 23rd 2001

The Winding Wheel, November 29th 2001

Bull's Head, 23rd May 2000

The Cartoon, 30th May 2000

Fragile live at The Half Moon Herne Hill, Live CD Recording, June 8th 2000

The Wheatsheaf, Leighton Buzzard, June 16th 2000

The Brook, Southampton, August 18th 2000

The Cartoon, Croydon, August 25th 2000

Herringthorpe Leisure Centre, Rotherham, September 23rd 2000

The Robin, Dudley, October 14th 2000

The Gun Tavern, Croydon, October 5th 2000

The Limelight Club, Crewe, October 26th 2000

The Dome, Whitley Bay, October 21st 2000

The Spirit of 66, November 11th 2000

The Spirit of 66, November 11th 2000 In French!

The Astoria II, November 17th 2000

The Boat Race, November 23rd 2000

The Early Shows

Review of Fragile at The Half Moon, Herne Hill, Jan 29th 1999

The Dutch Progressive Rock Page Review 1

The Dutch Progressive Rock Page Review 2

Review of Fragile at The Robin

Review of Fragile at The Gun Tavern

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