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Fragile are finally able to announce the confirmed schedule for their traditional autumn tour, apologies for the late notice but contractual issues have prevented the posting of this information before now. The itinerary takes in a number of new venues for the band (Mr Kyps, The Peel, and Stripes), a couple of firm favourites (The Limelight and Club Riga) and some returns after a long absence (Fibbers and Robin 2). With the sad demise of the Robin this year, the gig at the Robin 2 represents the only remaining chance to see Fragile in Midlands in 2003. For London based fans the Club Riga in Southend and the Peel in Kingston offer the most convenient opportunities to see the guys in action. Mr Kyps is a brand new south coast venue and replaces the band's established routine of appearing at the Brook. Stripes at Folkestone provides finally provides Yes fans in east Kent with a chance to see Fragile do their stuff, and Yesheads in York will see Fragile return to Fibbers after a three year gap. Finally, our friends in the North West should head to the much loved Limelight Club in Crewe for their Fragile fix. 

Fragile will be performing a fairly substantial sprinkling of previously uncovered Yes material, including a few surprises and some new musical territory for the band. The set will also contain the much demanded Yes classics people have come to expect, and the evening should therefore provide an ideal balance for fans old and new. The band want to keep things moving forward and the autumn set reflects this intention. The autumn schedule is a selected mini-tour to maintain the band's profile and meet fan demand in specific parts of the country. It is envisaged that a more extensive schedule will be organised for 2004 to support the band's various activities next year. Following the dates in October and November, the band will confirm their plans for next year which will include the further development of Fragile as Europe's premiere Yes tribute, the long awaited release of the Aquaplanage project, selected appearances by Steve and Max in their guise as Jon and Vangelis, more music from the Jon Bastable stable in the shape of 2003bc, and other developments to be confirmed.


3rd York, Fibbers
10th Bournemouth, Mr Kyps
18th Kingston, The Peel
30th Crewe, The Limelight





7th Wolverhampton, Robin 2
13th Southend, Club Riga
22nd Folkestone, Stripes Club


However, the 2003 autumn tour will provide fans with an opportunity to see a more immediate development by way of a debut original recording by Fragile in the shape of One Star' b/w 'Theme'. 'One Star' is an unabashed Christmas song in the style of Greg Lake's 'I Believe In Father X-Mas' and Jethro's 'Ring Out Solstice Bells', and shows the more commercial side of the band's creative abilities. Don't blame us if some boy band ends up covering it at X-mas 2004!. It is hoped to have a limited edition CD available by the November dates, but the songs will feature more significantly in the band's plans for next year. The studio recorded version of 'Theme' is a new approach on the old stage favourite and has a distinctively oriental feel to it. The band hoped to encourage business interest in both titles in order to secure an income stream to underpin their various activities next year. The mixing of the songs is currently being completed at Cybersound and early reports are very positive. 

Speaking to yestribute.com Steve Carney said "It might seem like a quiet year on the outside, but there has still been plenty going on. Max effectively joined us in January and the spring dates across March, April and May saw him bed down wonderfully. After those dates various guys had a lot going on outside of music and the realities of earning a crust placed demands on us all with job changes and decreased availability. On the personal front, Jon and Simon both had family additions and Mitch became the bands first 'pa', and the 'quiet' summer was more then necessary for those involved in infantile preparations. Nonetheless, the summer wasn't entirely inactive with Max and myself, accompanied by Tom, performing a 40 minute set of Jon and Vangelis material at a festival in Tintagel, Cornwall. The fantastic response to the set has encouraged us to incorporate selected songs into the Fragile set, and indeed develop the J&V idea in its own right. My collaborative work with Jon in the spring through the 2003 bc project was also very rewarding and we are keen to push this left field project further as it helps with the learning curve on contemporary recording techniques. However, we are all looking forward to the autumn dates and getting back out there as Fragile. The spring tour was probably the best we have ever done and with Max on board things have really moved to a new level of authenticity. What we do next year in detail schedule wise will depend on a number of things, but we are determined to deliver 'Aquaplange'. The project was sidelined after Gonzalo departed because of the need to focus on a replacement, and individual demands this year have impeded plans. With 'One Star' and 'Theme' that process is now finally underway, and I envisage us spending the first six months of next year realising this particular objective. It may be that we will only gig as Fragile in the latter part of next year, but make that a fairly intensive and lengthy tour." So, the wondrous story continues, and after a fantastic summer which saw Yes touring with Rick and band attending the gigs at Hammersmith and elsewhere, the fire to best Yes tribute remains strong. We look forward to seeing you on the autumn tour!.

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