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Birkenhead Press Release


"Fragile's appearance at the Iron Door in Birkenhead on 28 September 2000 has been cancelled due to licencing problems. The promoter involved has confirmed that the venue failed to secure the necessary music licence in time for the planned opening in September. Dates by Fragile, Regenesis and Bob Catley (ex-Magnum) have all been affected. However, the date will be rearranged and is now likely to take place in early 2001. Speaking today, Steve Carney expressed his dissapointment at the development "Our apologies to everyone who was intending to come to the Iron Door, and we hope to reschedule the date for later this year. The cancellation is entirely beyond the band's control, and we are somewhat surprised at this rather basic error on the venue's part!". Steve took the opportunity to urge Yes fans in the North West to try and attend the band's gig at the Limelight Club in Crewe on 26 October 2000 "It may be that our appearance in October at the Limelight will be our only date in the area until 2001.

Steve also hinted at his annoyance that the Bristol date on 1 September 2000 was cancelled by the promoter at such late notice "It would seem that the venue blew us out on the premise that he needed a guaranteed crowd pulling act and that there was no interest in Yes music in the South West. Our apologies to everyone in the West of England and your nearest Fragile dates are now either Beethoven's in Tilehust on 8 September 2000, or the Robin in Dudley on 14 October 2000". Despite these setbacks the Roundabout Tour has been rapidly gathering momentum and Fragile are enjoying their travels. The release of the CD and a recent meeting with Rick Wakeman have also been high spots for the band. Steve confirmed that all was well "You get problems such as the Bristol and Liverpool dates, but that's life. We just look forward to visiting those places in 2001 in even bigger and better style come next year!".

Steve on stage 


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