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 FRAGILE, Live CD Concert

The Half Moon, Herne Hill, June 8th, 2000

Fragile's new line-up had already impressed crowds in Croydon and Barnes before they took the stage to record their debut CD in front of an expectant crowd at the Half Moon in Herne Hill. The band certainly aren't afraid of sticking their necks out, with only two gigs to their name before the recording the pressure was most definitely on. The tapes were rolling to record every tiny detail of their performance!

As this was such a special night and a definitive moment for the band we decided to get a couple of real experts in to give their opinions on what we can expect to hear on the CD. Richard Hill is no stranger to tough music, you can see him in action on the keyboards with the Genesis tribute band "Invisible Touch" and Tony Clark is a bass player of great experience most recently with the now sadly demised "Steely Scam".

So, how did they do? I'll let Richard and then Tony tell you in their own words!

Fragile's new lineup!

Tom, Robert, Steve, Jon, Mitch, Gonzalo


Richard live with Invisible Touch

"Amazing Renditions" - Richard Mills

Last night,Phil and I made it our plan to go along and see Fragile at the Half Moon in Herne Hill.What a show we witnessed.There isn't enough praise I can give to this band;the playing of some of these older 'classic' Yes tunes was,at times,quite breathtaking.The performance included a medley of bits arranged by the band themselves (and as the others in IT will tell you,I'm all for that),culminating in a ripping version of Your's Is No Disgrace.The modest but highly vocal audience hung on every note as the band performed classic after classic,other highlights of which were amazing renditions of Siberian Khatru and Heart of the Sunrise. Earlier in the year I had missed an opportunity to see my first ever Yes concert; after seeing Fragile last night I now know I needn't have worried.

This performance was being taped for future release as a CD.When it comes out,buy it (I just hope that the mix does this performance justice).If Messrs. Anderson,Howe,Kaye,Squire etc. wanted to retire,they could all rest well in the knowledge that a highly talented bunch of musicians are doing their job for them to as high-a-standard as any Yes line-up will have ever done.

Unfortunately,we had to leave before the end of the set for last train purposes,so were unable to pay our thanks to the guys in the group for such a great evening,so-thanks for a great evening guys.It was also nice for us to see Chris Jones and his wife there (+ friend)(hi guys).All in all,a ripper of an evening. 10/10!

Richard Mills,

Invisible Touch.

"Huge Bass Sound" Tony Clark

Strange how things sometimes come about. I was killing time just browsing on the Net when I came across a link to a 'Yes' tribute band site. The band being 'Fragile'. Having been a long standing admirer of the music of 'Yes' and in particular - being a bass player - the contribution of Chris Squire to that sound - I decided to have a look around. Imagine my surprise then when I realized that I not only recognised the keyboard player - Gonzalo - but I once used to play in the same band as him. A 'Steely Dan' tribute band called 'Steely Scam'. He obviously doesn't believe in taking the easy option!

I determined there and then that I would get to see 'Fragile' perform for all of the above reasons. After a couple of setbacks I finally got to see them perform at 'The Half Moon', Herne Hill last night.

From the opening number 'Roundabout' - a personal favourite - I just had to be impressed by the way that 'Fragile' had accurately captured the sound of 'Yes'. No mean feat! Again, I tend to tune into the bass parts, and there it was, Chris Squire's huge bass sound pretty much 'nailed down'. That mix of low bottom end with the trademark 'Ricky' clank above it. Excellent. Must have taken a lot of work and dedication. In fact all of 'Fragile' have accomplished the difficult task of sounding incredibly like their respective members in 'Yes'.

It was a great night. I was blown away by 'Yours Is No Disgrace' described by my guitarist mate standing next to me as 'kick arse'! Can't argue with that! Another high point was 'Starship Trooper', but then there were no low points.

Gonzalo was superb, and it was great to have a chat with him again, both before and after the gig. See you all again soon.

I would say to anybody out there reading this and considering going along to see 'Fragile' gigging, just do it, and soon!

Tony Clark


Tony live  

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