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The Standard, London, May 3rd 2002

By Graeme Yetts


More True To Life

A well-constructed and entertaining show, and at almost 2.5 hours great value for money!

In addition to most of the material on their live Half Moon gig CD , they played Close To The Edge , Perpetual Change , The Clap , and a couple of their own songs in a Yes style.

Not really a look a like line up ( save for the singer ) , but all very good players , especially the Drummer who also sang strong backups and lead on his own solo spot in Gabriel's Solsbury Hill , the multi talented Robert Illes ( Steve Howe )…I did see a guy in the audience who seemed to leave before the end who did look very much like the man himself ! ?…

The Jon Anderson vocals were more true to life than on the live CD which does feature the same line up and demonstrates the benefit of keeping a control over a settled line up.

Quite fitting for us that they also covered the true classic , Argent's Hold Your Head Up as we had seen the real thing perform this just two weeks earlier here at the Standard.

I have enjoyed Yes music sporadically for 25 + years , they are about the only big classic prog style band I've never actually seen , and it's good to say that Fragile have turned me on to them again.

They were well received as a band by the 150 or so audience and also seemed to be having fun themselves.They clearly had worked hard to capture the essence of the original band too ; those arrangements are intricate and will catch out any lesser musician !

A good front man is Steve Carney , and he is also the main man …actually " confided " that he is 45 !( liked your quip about boy bands doing a 35 minute set Steve ! )…very strong melodic voice and good stage presence , had even got the rolling of his vocal " r's " a la Anderson's Lancashire twang just right !

Graeme Yetts

( former front man and manager of the now defunct Official Deep Purple tribute show" Who Do We Think We Are" )

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