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Fragile, The Picket, Liverpool Feb 16th 2002

By Lizzie Knight


From the moment I reached out to hold . . .

Where were you on Saturday 16 February ? You should have been at The Picket. So disappointing to see such a small (but very enthusiastic) gathering. We must support these guys they are just brilliant. They really do perform YES music with a degree of excellence. In the absence of the "real thing" I can embark on a journey of YES music and experience a magical evening. I just can't believe all those lovers of YES music who pack Manchester Apollo, Liverpool Empire, had something better to do on Saturday 16 February ???

"From the moment I reached out to hold I felt a sound".......... from the opening spine-chilling Firebird Suite to "Roundabout" it's pure joy. OK FRAGILE aren't YES they don't pretend to be. But their love of YES music is evident and they are all excellent musicians. I am not going to single any member of FRAGILE out - you are all so crucial and each have your moments on certain YES tracks. I'ts just fantastic to lose myself in the music for the evening - it's also great to get to see you guys at a venue where we can "dance". It was the third time I have seen FRAGILE and I am desparately trying to spread the word and I hope all you YES fans who have seen FRAGILE will do the same - these guys need our support. They are keeping the music we love ALIVE. See you at Southampton later in the year...............

Lizzie Knight, Glastonbury, Somerset

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