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Fragile, At Club Riga, Southend, Nov 23rd, 2001

By Guy Rickard


Well.here I am - it's 00:45am and I've just returned from the latest Fragile gig. Bigger crowd so the word's getting out, and rightly so. The set list was excellent with a couple of changes from last time...most notably the inclusion of a powerhouse Cinema, and Roberts rendition of The Clap. Superb as ever, especially the former. Top-notch opening with Siberia, and then n Khatru and then we were treated to the likes of Heart of the Sunrise, Perpetual Change, YIND, Wondrous Stories, the self penned gorgeous Theme, THAT medley which is just awesome culminating in Starship Trooper. So much more I've not mentioned, but I'm sure others will cover. Brilliant round off with awesome Led Zep, Floyd, Supertramp, Jethro Tull, Deep Purple and finally Tom declaring UDI and launching into Paranoid at full throttle...blistering. Oh...and did I mention the Roundabout round-off?! Crowd more than happy. There we have it in a nutshell....two and a half hours of solid Yes magic. Tom must have been happy to see some of the crowd a bit livelier, even though at times it resembled a homage to Zorba the Greek!!. Three other snippets..1) a die hard Yes fan who is off to see the real thing for the fifteenth time, in Wales in a couple of weeks rated Fragile around 80%. He may want to check the price on his ticket and see if there's a 20% difference!!! Secondly, and more importantly, the general consensus in the Gent's bog after was that it was awesome, and well worth travelling a good few miles to see (the gig, not my ****). Thirdly, I can now honestly I've been there, done it, and got the tee-shirt!! Fragile..thanks again, and here's to 2002 (even if it is without THAT medley). Right, I'm off to bed. Goodnight! Oh , if you haven't yet got the message....SEE THIS BAND - THEY ARE UNBELIEVABLY GOOD!!

Guy Rickard


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