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Fragile, At The Brook, Southampton, July 6th 2001

By Sue Neville, Lizzie and Richard Maida

Fragile touched down on at South Coast's premier venue, The Brook in Southampton, as a follow up to their successful debut there on the "Roundabout 2000" tour. After the gale force sounds of Bristol the band faced the heat of the Brook and for only the second time in their history it was a five piece band that took the stage. Tom Dawe was unfortunately not available for the show.

One of the great things about being involved with Fragile is meeting so many new Yes fanatics and these definitely include, Lizzie, Sue Neville and Richard Maida who all sent us their views . . .

You can also read a review of the gig at "Musical Discoveries" by Russ Elliott.


Fragile On Stage At The Brook in 2000


A Wonderful Glow Surrounds Me 

"After being recommended to go along to a FRAGILE gig (from a very reliable source) I was all set to see FRAGILE last year at the Fleece & Firkin in Bristol. However, as we all know it was not to be, so I went along to the rescheduled gig at the Fleece in June. Wow, these guys are good. Scanned the gig guide - Southampton - two hour drive?? I knew the Brook was a great venue (Steve Howe - In the Groove Tour October 2000). We decide to go for it. Hey, I travel to the other side of the pond to see the real thing, surely I could travel 90 miles to see the tribute band!! Arrived about 9pm - looks like a full house (good to meet you Simon and thanks for the excellent website). Then you hear it - the spine chilling Firebird Suite - a wonderful glow surrounds me and I am taken on a magical journey through the YES YEARS played with a deep love and understanding of YES and their music. These musicians are talented and each display their individual personalities. No, they are not YES but their interpretation of YES classics are very much like the real thing. South Side of the Sky just blew me away, as did Steve's vocals. Heart of the Sunrise (if I really had to choose) is my favourite YES track - absolutely brilliant - just love that bass Jon. Missed you Tom, especially Owner of a Lonely Heart. I'm sure Steve would be well chuffed with Robert's excellent version of The Clap. Mitch's drumming on the Ritual excerpt was exciting and held the crowd - I was exhausted just listening!! Alas the evening has to come to an end and Gonzalo plays the rest of the band off - what a fabulous nostalgia trip I have experienced and all for six quid. If you are like me and just can't get enough YES music - you really must see these guys. So disappointed the Burbage gig has been cancelled - I don't know when I'm going to see FRAGILE again (please gig south guys). Thanks for taking the time to chat after the show and signing my FRAGILE poster.

I first saw YES during the 1971 "FRAGILE" tour and their music still excites me to this day. Thank you FRAGILE for your contribution to keeping YES music alive and even reaching out to new listeners.


Mitch- Exhausting to watch!

Tom - Sadly missed at The Brook

We Love When You Play

As Lizzie has said, we enjoyed seeing Fragile so much at Bristol recently, we decided to drive all the way down to Southampton to catch the gig at The Brook. We were not disappointed - a great set once again from the band. Particular highlights for me were Siberian Khatru, Yours is No Disgrace and Perpetual Change, which the band played really well I thought. I loved the awesome version of And You And I, and an atmospheric excerpt from Gates, complete with smoke effects, was excellent. A quick mention also for the band's own composition which I thought was pretty cool - I'd like to hear more original numbers. The classic rock highlights towards the end of the set was great fun and oh yes, how could I forget Starship Trooper - Wonderful!

The crowd were pretty enthusiastic throughout the show with plenty of singing (badly, in my case) and dancing going on. It was great to meet the band for a chat afterwards. They seemed to appreciate the fact that we travelled quite a way to see them. Lizzie assures me that her signed poster now has pride of place in her home and looks much better there than it did on the wall of the Ladies!

Well it was a great evening and we eventually got home tired (from dancing all night) but happy. It was well worth the trip and we would certainly do it all over again (hope its not too long before we do).


We love when you play

Classics were performed brilliantly  


Thought I'd just write a message to express how much I enjoyed the Brook gig. I saw you last at the St Albans Horn in May and wanted to follow it up fairly quickly. Since I have a friend who lives just 5 mins from the Brook, what better excuse to take half a day off work. The traffic on the M25 and M3 was pretty horrendous but it was worth the battle.

I must say I was impressed by your renditions of South Side of The Sky and Perpetual Change. The harmony vocals were performed with great proficiency on the former whilst for the latter, what can one say? I would have settled for a version akin to that on Yessongs, particularly with the instrumental segment in the middle. But I never expected you would try to emulate the original studio version and play two different riffs simultaneously. That must have taken alot of effort. The other classics were performed brilliantly, especially Heart Of The Sunrise.

Sadly, I must confess I have one criticism: the Yes medley is somewhat overlong and could be compressed a little, liberating more show time for other songs....like the resurrection of Awaken perhaps...or even the introduction of Close To The Edge? I may be the lone voice here but I do believe it would upgrade an already tight and confident performance.

Looking to the future, what prospect is there of performing at least one track in its entirety from Relayer? It need not neccesarily have to be The Gates of Delirium. Soundchaser or To Be Over would suffice.

Anyway, keep up the good work. I look forward to catching you at the London Standard in September....Oh and I apologise for disturbing your fish and chip supper, but I thought I'd just say hello.


The Iberian Khatru
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