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Fragile, At The Limelight, Crewe, May 3rd 2001

By Martin Farmer

One of the best shows during "Roundabout 2000" was at the Limelight Club in Crewe where the home crowd seemed to adopt the band. So of course the venue is set to be a regular haunt and on their return Martin Farmer sent us this review. Also attached are some e-mail responses that we got to the show . . . so how did this show match up to that spectacular debut? Over to Martin to tell us . . .



"Superb Precision and Drive"

The return of Fragile to the Limelight in Crewe was eagerly anticipated and they had a tall order to better the gig there at the end of 2000. Before being allowed down into the band room I could not help bet overhear peoples conversations talking about how they had not been to see the band at the Limelight the first time but were there on recommendation from word of mouth.

With the band room very close to if not over its 400 capacity with fans wearing T-shirts from yes concerts down the years the audience looked on in eager anticipation Fragile played all of the expected songs with superb precision and drive within the two and a half hour set - What value for money.

New additions to the play list included an excellent rendition on Wonderous Stories and stunning Perpetual Change and The Clap. It was all over too quickly with Fragile finishing with Starship Trooper and individual party pieces by members of the band. Coming back on stage to play Roundabout in the second encore and finishing at midnight.

I think it's a nice touch that the band comes off the stage to talk to members of the audience at the end.

As for the tall order of bettering the gig at the Limelight- in my view they surpassed my expectation and hopefully the fans who had not seen them before.

When the following of Fragile gets larger they may have to play a two-nighter at the Limelight to get everybody in.

Fragile was on form in Crewe!

Well-done Fragile.

Martin Farmer




Just a quick note to say what an excellent performance at Crewe's Limelight club. It's the second time I've seen you there and I thought you couldn't get any better but, as usual, I was wrong. I think it unfair that one band should have so much talent in one place - the TQ (Talent Quotient) must be off the scale. I bet rehearsals are very interesting. I personally think you're all robots because human fingers can't move that fast. And I have to say, although I've seen the real thing (And don't let this go to your heads girls) you guys are better. YES never knew how to rock but you just give the material such a dynamic sound. Great to hear South Side of The Sky - one of my favourite Yes oldies. Wish you continued success and hope you continue until your at least as old and gnarled as the original band.

David Walker

Just a quick note to say thanks for another memorable evening on Thursday.Even better than last time, great versions of the new songs.

Looked like the band enjoyed themselves again. They looked genuinely surprised at the size of the crowd.

All the best,


Neil Gilbert






Ian Evans


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