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News Archive 4

24th Dec 2000

Seasons Greetings!

Just a quick note to wish everyone who has supported Fragile throughout the past couple of years a fantastic christmas and New Year. It's been a great ride and the band promise it will be even better in 2001 so thanks again and we'll see you next year!

20th Dec 2000

2001 Dates - Southend, Crewe and Dudley confirmed, more to follow!

Great news for Southend, Crewe and Dudley. Fragile are delighted to confirm that their 2001 touring schedule will commence on the 6th of April at Club Riga in Southend. The band have also booked TWO dates at The Robin in Dudley and two more at The Limelight Club in Crewe. More are under negotiation, see the gigs page for details.

20th Dec 2000

New reviews from Cambridge, London, Letters from Crewe!

We're once again very grateful for people sending us reviews, this time Malcolm Bowman sent us his review of the last 2001 date at the Boat Race in Cambridge. But we also got a review from the USA!!! Mary-Cat Berman sent us some photos and a review of the Astoria show after she caught the band during a holiday in England. There are also some letters received by the Limelight club about the band's recent show there.

2nd Dec 2000

Feature Review and Pictures From Verviers in English and French!

Verviers marked a great milestone for Fragile and thanks to the most excellent Pierre Romainville we now have a feature review and pictures to mark what was an excellent evening for all concerned. The band loved their time there and tell me they were treated like Kings. It's a great venue, if you live nearby and haven't been then shame on you! I think we're likely to see Fragile go back there that's for sure. We've also added a couple of new CD reviews to the site and Ivan Fraser sent us a very well-written review of the gig at Whitley Bay.

1st Dec 2000

Buy "Live at the Half Moon" online using PayPal!

You can now buy the Fragile CD online with your credit card using PayPal which is available in the UK, US and a number of other countries! If you want to take advantage of this added convenience see the "Live at the Half Moon" page.

24th Nov 2000

Fragile perform as a five-piece in Cambridge

Fragile performed as a five piece for the first ever time in Cambridge on 23 November 2000. The last date of the band's "Roundabout 2000" tour was completed without Tom Dawe (rhythm guitar, percussion, and vocals). Tom decided to withdraw following the death of his mother earlier in the week after a brief illness. The band extend their sincere sympathy to Tom and his family at this difficult time. Tom's contribution to "Roundabout 2000" has been invaluable, and he was disappointed at being unable to make the last date of the schedule. Tom played the Verviers and Astoria gigs despite his mother's illness, and the band are grateful to him for his professionalism and dedication. His withdrawal from the Cambridge gig had the band's full blessing. Fragile (with Tom) will shortly be announcing plans for 2001.

1st Nov 2000

Huw Lloyd-Langton on tribute bands, Fragile and Live at the Half Moon

I recently had the privilege of talking to Huw Lloyd-Langton of Hawkwind fame, I asked him what he thought about tribute bands in general, Fragile in particular and of course "Live at the Half Moon". You can read what he had to say in the interview. Also, Roundabout 2000 is now entering its final month and if you're thinking of going to one of the remaining shows check out the recent reviews from Dudley, Croydon and Crewe.

11thOct 2000

Fragile on the Radio

Fragile, in the form of Steve Carney made an impromptu appearance on Greater London Radio today during the Robert Elms feature on Yes. Having heard that "there were no Yes tribute bands because the music was too difficult to reproduce" Steve rang up to introduce himself. The presenters were suitably impressed and may even play something from the CD on a future show, we'll let you know if we hear any more!

11thOct 2000

New CD Reviews

We want you all to buy the CD of course! However we don't expect you to take our word for it and so we will continue to publish new reviews as they come in. You can check out the latest ones from Frank Blades at Alternate View and one we've been sent by Geoff Parkins. Of course you can also download MP3 samples and read all about the CD on this site.

11thOct 2000

Barnes Date Cancelled

The gig at The Bull's Head in Barnes on October 17th has been cancelled due to a change in the band's rehearsal schedule. The band apologises to anyone who was planning to go but would also like to remind those in London that there are alternative dates at The Standard on November 4th and also of course the show at the Astoria in support of Pallas!

20th Sep 2000

Schedule Changes - Chelmsford Re-arranged, Norwich postponed

There have been another couple of changes to the "Roundabout 2000" itinerary. The good news is that the Chelmsford gig which was struck down by the fuel crisis has now been confirmed for November 9th. However, the band have decided to postpone the date in Norwich due to the date at the Astoria the following day - see below.

20th Sep 2000

Looking ahead to 2001!

Fragile are already looking ahead to 2001 with January likely to see three gigs including Bristol (fingers crossed!), the re-arranged show at Fat Pauly's in Norwich and a trip down the coast to Brighton. As soon as we can confirm the dates we'll bring you the news.

17th Sep 2000

York Tickets Online

Tickets for the show at Fibbers in York are for sale online, you can order yours today by clicking here! Buy Fibbers Tickets Online! This promises to be one of the best Fragile shows to date so if you want to go you can avoid any disappointment by booking now.

14th Sep 2000

Chelmsford Gig Postponed

Well, despite everyone's best efforts tonight's show was cancelled. We're very sorry about anyone who was inconvenienced but hopefully under the circumstances you will understand that despite everyone's best efforts it just proved too hard to pull it all together. The silver lining to this cloud is that the gig has been tentatively re-arranged for November 9th.

13th Sep 2000

Chelmsford Gig

For those hoping to attend the Chelmsford gig the news at the time of writing is positive. All of the band members have managed to keep a full tank of fuel in advance of travelling tomorrow. One of the band members has a problem in that he is away but that should be resolved okay. However, you are strongly advised to check with the venue before travelling. Contact details on the gigs page. The promoter has confirmed that the venue is okay so hopefully it will be a good night to take everyone's minds off the petrol prices.

13th Sep 2000

Fragile return to The Gun

October the 5th will see an extra date on the "Roundabout 2000" tour with the band returning to one of their favourite haunts, The Gun Tavern in Croydon. Usual details on the gigs page.

13th Sep 2000

Fancy a trip to see Fragile in Belgium???

Several people have asked us about the possibility of running a coach trip to Verviers in Belgium when the band play at Route 66 during Roundabout 2000 on November 11th. This is something that we would like to think about if numbers are high enough. If you fancy the chance of travelling with the band to the show then please e-mail us on yes.fragile@which.net.

6th Sep 2000

Fragile meet Rick Wakeman

Some of the band had the huge honour of meeting with Rick Wakeman at his concert in Marlborough this August. You can read about it here and more about the show on a small website we're hosting here.

6th Sep 2000

Croydon Review Now Online

Martin Davenport has kindly sent us his thoughts about the recent Fragile show at The Cartoon in Croydon on August 25th. You can read the details in his review here.

5th Sep 2000

Fragile to support Pallas!

Fragile are delighted to announce that they have been asked to support Pallas at the London Astoria 2 on 17th November 2000. This is a prestige slot as it is the Scottish outfit's first London date for many years. Pallas are a big favourite among the Fragile ranks and this should be prove to be a big event for both bands. You can see more details on the gigs page.

5th Sep 2000

Merseyside Show Cancelled

Fragile very much regret to announce that the show planned for The Iron Door in Birkenhead has been cancelled. In a surprise development the venue has failed to obtain the correct music license and has had to cancel a number of gigs including ours. You can find more details about this and the Bristol cancellation in the following press release.

23rd Aug 2000

Soon - Now!

Thanks to the most excellent Denise and Nadine of Which? Online, hosts of the Fragile website, we now have another MP3 from the CD available for you to listen to. "Soon" is now available on the CD MP3 page.

23rd Aug 2000

MP3 sampler Tracks now on-line

We now have two MP3 sampler tracks available. Both have been taken from the "Yes Medley" on the "Live at the Half Moon" CD. They are the excerpts from "Gates of Delirium" and "The Revealing Science of God". We also hope to have "Soon" up some time next week but the Fragile website is now bursting at the seams and a space increase will have to be negotiated. Go to the "Live at the half Moon" page to find out more. Both files are small enough that they shouldn't take too long to download.

23rd Aug 2000

"Live at the Half Moon" Now available!

Fragile are delighted to announce that their debut CD "Live at the Half Moon" is now available! You can read all about it here. We are now accepting orders by mail for the CD. This is a huge milestone in the band's history and we hope that you will share our delight in the end product when you hear it!

For older news stories see the News Archive 3.

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