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News Archive 3

23rd Aug 2000

Southampton, The Brook, show review

Pete Doxat has kindly sent us a review of the show at The Brook in Southampton which is now available on the reviews page. The show also marked a Fragile debut with the new CD being snapped up by a number of people there. More information on "Live at the Half Moon" including how to order will be available very soon.

22nd Aug 2000

Bristol show cancelled

Fragile regret to announce that this lunchtime the promoter of the September 1st gig at The Fleece in Bristol informed us that he was cancelling the show. We would like to apologise to anyone out there who was planning to go for any inconvenience or disappointment this may have caused. The reason given was that according to the promoter there is no demand for Yes music in the area. Fragile, although very disappointed to lose one of the best dates of the tour are exploring opportunities for another gig in the area through their new management company, Bullet Management. This is likely to be in the New Year and you will of course hear about it here. Put frankly we don't have the same opinion as the promoter! If you feel the same let us know on yes.fragile@which.net. We'd be glad to hear from you.

8th Aug 2000

Tour Kicks Off!

After what seems like a wait of ages "Roundabout 2000" kicked off in style last night at the Bull's Head in Barnes. An enthusiastic audience clearly warmed to the new set and the crowd apparently included six ladies from Brazil and two people over from Helsinki for a trip arranged around the show! If you were there then let us know what you thought.

25th July 2000

Fragile Bite the Bullet?

Fragile have recently been in discussion with "Bullet Management" with a view to them becoming the band's booking agents. Things look promising in terms of work for the band in the New Year but there is also the possibility that "Roundabout 2000" may see an extra date or two thrown in for good measure. Bullet were apparently impressed with the band's recent performances and the CD project, the band are equally impressed with Bullet's knowledge and passion when it comes to Yes music!

25th July 2000

Live CD - Ready for manufacture!

The final masters of "Live at the Half Moon" will be delivered for manufacture in the next couple of days. We are very hopeful that the CD will be available for sale in time for the gig at The Brook in Southampton on August 18th. The CD will also be available via mail order, watch this space for details! Alternatively you can come and buy the CD at Rick Wakeman's one-off show in Marlborough . . . but if you haven't got a ticket you had better get one quickly, they are well on their way to being sold out already!

9th July 2000

Live CD - Final mixing complete

The final mixing of the live CD is now complete, the only piece of bad news is that "And You and I" has been relegated to the cutting room floor because it simply wouldn't fit on the CD! The final package though will be approximately seventy minutes and by all accounts fully captures the stunning performance that the band produced at the Half Moon. We now move on to the manufacturing stage and the CD will be available for sale early on the "Roundabout 2000" tour!

27th June 2000

Live CD - Track Listing

The new live CD is currently undergoing the final mix before moving on to the manufacturing stage. In the meantime you can check out the probable track listing which will total about seventy minutes of live Yes music! The band are becoming increasingly excited about the project as it nears completion but while we're waiting you can read a review of the latest Fragile show at Leighton Buzzard here. This time we asked Paul Chandler, promoter of the recent Rick Wakeman show at Marlborough and the forthcoming one-off UK show by Patrick Moraz to air his opinions about Fragile.

14th June 2000

Recording Reviews Now available!

As promised we now have a couple of reviews of the live CD gig from Richard Hill who plays keyboards with Invisible Touch and Tony Clark who played bass with Steely Scam which you can read here. We now have a copy of the first rough mix from the show and there are some real highlights on there, it's going to be tough figuring out which pieces to cut! We'll have more news about the Live CD as the project develops.

9th June 2000

So, how did the CD recording go?

I'm saying nothing . . . you see I'm biased, otherwise I wouldn't be here would I? I'm hoping for a review or two to come my way pretty soon so that you can get a more independent view of what the show last night was like. You see, it would be pointless me telling you just what a fantastic show Fragile put on last night or even how I stood with my jaw hanging open in wonder watching this line-up pull off a show like that in only their third gig together, or even how they are scaling heights I never thought possible when I first saw them. There would be no point whatsoever, would there?

6th June 2000

Live CD Gig

I've managed to contact the Half Moon who confirmed that they are having technical problems with their telephone! The gig is definitely on and the doors open at 8:30pm. Entrance is pay on the night only and admission will be £3.00. Expect the band on stage between about 9:15 to 9:30pm.

5th June 2000

New Review / Live Recording News

I've received a few enquiries about the gig on Thursday for the live CD recording as the Half Moon's phone appears to be out of order! It's definitely on and I'll post more details about start time etc as soon as I can get through to them. In the meantime if you want to know what to expect from the new line-up then check out Dave Bran's review of their latest gig at The Cartoon in Croydon on the reviews page.

2nd June 2000

Jon interviewed in Global Bass Magazine

Having now recovered from the fantastic gig at the Cartoon on Thursday (review hopefully coming soon) I can tell you about further recognition for the band with Jon Bastable, our very own Chris Squire, being interviewed by Global Bass Magazine, you can read the interview on their website about Jon and what it's like to be Fragile's version of Chris Squire. For other reviews including the recent Q Magazine article check out our reviews page.

24th May 2000

Fragile Are Back!!!

Last night Fragile returned to the stage in South London with a brand new 23 song set . Robert and Gonzalo made their debuts in a thoroughly entertaining evening. Our man Chris Jones was there to see how they got on and he tells us all about it in his review. We hope to have some pictures of the event available soon. Next stops Croydon and Herne Hill for that little CD project.

22nd May 2000

Announcing Roundabout 2000!

Fragile announce Roundabout 2000, an extensive tour to support their debut CD release Fragile Live at the Half Moon in their May press release.

15th May 2000

Message from Mitch

Mitch Harwood has been in touch and confirmed that he's ready and raring to go for the gigs which are now very close! Has has asked me to thank all those who supported him and sent him good wishes during his illness. He said "Please mention Steve, Jon, Tom, Robert and Gonzalo, Chris and Wendy Jones and, of course, Rick Wakeman, who sent me a message via yourself and Steve. Please express my appreciation to the venues who I understand were flexible about the cancellations that were necessary."

15th May 2000

Rotherham gig confirmed!

The gig in Rotherham has been finalised by the Classic Rock Society, Fragile supported by Tantalus will play the Herringthorpe Leisure Centre on September 23rd. See the gigs page for more details.

13th May 2000

New gig in Gravesend!

Fragile are pleased to announce a further gig has been added to their schedule for 2000. On Wednesday 9th August they will appear at The Three Daws in Gravesend. More details on the gigs page.

5th May 2000

Fragile site hit by "Half Moon" virus!

I'm sure that you have all heard of the "Lovebug" by now, regrettably yesterday the Fragile website was attacked by the lesser known variant the "Half Moon" virus. This evil strain changes all occurrences of "Half Moon, Herne Hill" to "Half Moon, Putney" leading to errors on this page and the gigs page. You'll be relieved to know that the nasty virus has been eradicated now and the pages restored to show the true venue. (Okay the truth is Fragile use an idiot to maintain their website but I preferred the virus story!).

4th May 2000

LIVE CD EVENT - The Half Moon, Putney June 8th

Fragile are going to make good on their plans for a live CD! A very special gig has been arranged at the Half Moon in Herne Hill for June 8th. The gig will be recorded for a new live CD to be released in time for the band's Autumn/Winter schedule. As the band will be concentrating on getting the recording right the set will be a little shorter than normal and to reflect this the admission price has been pegged at just two quid. This will be a really special moment for the band so if you can possibly make it to the show come along and help make it a fantastic recording! Details about the Half Moon can be found on the gigs page. More news as the details are finalised.

4th May 2000

Mitch completes his first rehearsal.

I'm delighted to report that Mitch has completed his first rehearsal during which the band played through no less than 23 songs! This is a great achievement for Mitch and puts him slightly ahead of his planned schedule. After the rehearsal he felt no ill effects with the exception that he had a residual symptom of his condition technically known as "being a little knackered".

4th May 2000

New Gig in Cambridge

Last but by no means least of today's news is that a further gig has been added to the band's winter schedule at the Boat Race in Cambridge on November 23rd. Details on the gigs page.

For older news stories see the News Archive 2.

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