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The Page About Mitch

Mitch Live, Dusseldorf 1984


Mitch Harwood is the heartbeat of Fragile's live performances with his impressive drumwork switching effortlessly between Messrs White and Bruford and his strong vocals rounding off the live sound. In this page Mitch charts his musical career towards his time in Fragile...


Mitch went to great lengths to audition new members for Fragile!



Mitch was born on 16 May 1958. From an early age he showed an interest in music. (He made his mum buy him 'Please Please Me' at the age of 5). He learned clarinet and sax at school and began performing live when he was 11, either to OAP's (!) or with a youth dance orchestra.

A couple of years later Mitch was introduced to Yes' music via 'The Yes Album', and became a lifelong fan. He first saw the band during the 'Topographic Ocean' tour at the Rainbow in 1974. Mitch's interest in progressive rock led to him forming or joining various bands playing this kind of music with names like Phoenix 3, Dreamotion and best of all; Slabberdasher ! . Following the complete failure of any of these bands to do anything but rehearse, Mitch tried the more mainstream field and turned professional at the age of 19.

Mitch continued to travel the pubs, clubs and holiday camps of the south of England until a chance meeting with bass player Robbie Burns led to him being asked to join the Eric Burdon Band at the beginning of '84. Over the next three years he travelled the world touring with Eric. Mitch played in Europe, Scandinavia, Canada, Israel and Australia with the band and made numerous TV appearances both live and studio. By amazing coincidence Gonzalo actually saw Mitch play with Eric Burdon in his home town of Viga in Spain when he was only 15!

Live in '86 with the Eric Burdon Band


Mitch (centre) with tour manager Gordon Ramsey (left) & Eric burdon (right).


Mitch has played all over the U.K., and has appeared on sessions for T.V and radio adverts. Once, due to a mix-up, Mitch appeared on the 'Razzmatazz' Christmas special 1985, on ITV, playing bass, (yes,bass!), with Jennifer Rush. ('The Power of Love' etc).A rare and hilarious piece of video footage. 

Mitch has continued to to work in the session field and has backed many (reasonably) well known British celebrities.

For the last 10 years Mitch has also worked with people with Learning Difficulties using music as means of communication and of having fun!


Mitch brings to Fragile an intimate knowledge of the music of Yes and an appreciation and liking for all the incarnations of this wonderful band. He is an admirer of both Bill Bruford and Alan White and attempts to occupy the musical middle ground between them. 

Mitch, sent a message into the universe in 1998 for something interesting and challenging to do. A month later Steve Carney phoned and Fragile met for the first time in a pub in Croydon. 


Mitch live at Lorelei, Germany in 1985


Mitch prepares for a "clear the air" chat with Dave Rollins!

Mitch wishes to thank Steve, Jon and Tom for their staying power, and Gonzalo and Robert their expertise, dedication and laughs.

Thanks to all who have contributed so far to this band without whom etc; Majo, Amanda, Victoria, Jonathon, Martin, Paul, Micho, Dave, Kim, Chris and Wendy, Sound Advice Studios, Craig, Lilah, Pete, everyone who paid out their hard earned to see Fragile and, of course, the mighty Simon Arnold for his support and this magnificent website.

Member Pages:- Steve | Jon | Mitch | Max | Robert| Tom


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