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Max Hunt Joins Fragile
Max Hunt of Tantalus Joins Fragile

Fragile are delighted to announce that Max Hunt of Tantalus has joined Europe's premiere Yes tribute band. Max replaces Gonzalo Carrera on keyboards, and will make his debut with the band on the 'Moondogs & March Hares Tour' in 2003. Speaking to yestribute.com, Steve Carney expressed his pleasure at the appointment "Max is exactly what we have been looking for and has all the qualities to be Fragile's definitive keyboard player. We have been in negotiation with Max for some time, but it has taken a while to nail down the detailed arrangements. Max will continue to pursue his recording and gigging commitments with Tantalus who are one of the UK's best exponents of the contemporary progressive scene, but will join Fragile as a full member and play an important part in the band's further development".

Steve said that fate had intervened to play its part in Max's recruitment "A friend of Max's attended a recent gig at the London Astoria and got talking with Jon Bastable. Jon said that we were looking for a new keys man, and the next thing I know is a late night text message from Max saying 'maybe I can help'!. Max's timing was perfect and was the lift we needed. The irony is that we have kind of played with Max in the past. Tantalus supported Fragile in Rotherham in September 2000 when we played for the Classic Rock Society, and we previously crossed paths when Rick Wakeman played in Marlborough, Wiltshire. So perhaps his joining was in the tea leaves!. We have always known that he was an exceptional player, and he can really help take us to the next level".

Max will make his debut with Fragile on the 'Moondogs & March Hares Tour' confirmed for (surprisingly!) March 2003. Steve confirmed the thinking behind the schedule "We have decided to play a handful of dates at our favourite venues as a way of introducing Max to the regulars who follow Fragile and its activities. I am sure everyone will make him feel at home, and he is looking forward to the gigs immensely". Steve said that the March dates would showcase Yes classics performed by the band over the last four years, but that much bigger plans were afoot for the remainder of 2003 "The idea is develop the live performances further and include some more unusual Yes songs and solo showcases, its also our plan to

debut some of the material being developed for Fragile's first CD of original material entitled 'Aquaplanage'. Furthermore, we have discussed the idea of including some selected Tantalus material in future shows. Fragile will primarily remain a Yes tribute, but its important that we grow, diversify and expand our musical interests and influences. Max will play an important part in realising the band's songwriting output, and his experience in this field with Tantalus will be invaluable.

Steve mapped out the year in rough "February will be concentrated on rehearsals for the March dates, and in April and May we will turn our energies to recording 'Aquaplange'. Over a dozen titles have been written and we are keen to get moving on the project. The remainder of year will see an extension of Fragile's live work to new venues and uncharted territories, plus the realisation of some long promised commitments!. We are conscious of the need to play Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, and I am determined that this is the year we finally achieve that objective. The band have also been approached to be involved in some new Yes related activities and events, but as ever these ideas are very much in the lap of the gods and not necessarily in the band's control. Detailed plans will be announced as they are firmed up.

Fragile fans will have a busy year on the recordings front with a possible unplugged CD, the Aquaplange recordings, and 2003 BC. What you may ask is 2003 BC!, Steve explained "Jon has laid down some material of his own and invited me into write some vocal melodies for him. The next thing we know we have another major project on the go and its proving to be great fun. It's slightly ambient in parts and musically surreal, but that Jon for you!. Its more a soundscape recording and not so song orientated as say 'Aquaplanage'. It should be available in time for the March dates in a limited edition CDr format recording."

So with the appointment of Max, Fragile are up and running and looking forward to 2003. Steve concluded "The band's always been about progression and innovation, and we always seem to surmount seemingly impossible setbacks. I firmly believe that Fragile MK5 have the makings of the definitive article, and the year ahead could be a very special one indeed. It's nice to end what has been a somewhat difficult and emotional year on a high note, and on behalf of the band I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!".

Read more about Max on the page about Max.

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