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Latest News

Live In Helsinki!


Liverpool Festival!


New Date!



Fragile are pleased to announce their second venture into the world of live recording with their promotional release, Live in Helsinki! Read more.


Fragile were delighted to have been invited to appear at the Matthew Street Festival! The band appeared on the Strand stage at 2pm on Bank Holiday Monday.


Fragile announce another new date on November 19th at The Standard in Walthamstow.

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Other News

19th Nov

London date at The Standard

Fragile are delighted to announce that they will be appearing at The Standard in Walthamstow on November 19th.

2nd Aug

Festival Details Announced

Fragile's appearance at the Matthew Street Festival will be on the "Strand" stage and will commence at 2pm on August Bank Holiday Monday. It will be a strong line up with Fragile sandwiched between Led Zep and Jimi Hendrix tributes! A good day out for classic rock fans seems guaranteed.

20th Jun

Round Robin!

Fragile are pleased to announce that they will be playing the Robin II in Bilston on August 20th.

9th May

Looking Around Us!

As we've been so quiet of late we decided to ask Steve Carney about what's been happening with the band and what we can look forwards to in 2004 and beyond. Click here to see what he had to say.

9th May

Liverpool Festival

Fragile are set to realise a long-held ambition having been invited to play in the Matthew St Festival in Liverpool on August Bannk Holiday Monday. The festival site will soon be updated with the full details. This major event in the Liverpool rock calendar draws audiences of around 10-15,000. We'll give you more details of Fragile's appearance when we ge them!

9th May


Fragile were as disappointed as everyone else that the Yesfanomenon was cancelled. However, it will make no difference to the two planned gigs in June which will still go ahead.

21st Apr

We're back - Two new gigs and the Yesfanomenon!

Fragile are back!  We've been quiet for a long time but now we are well and trully back with two new gigs in the South leading up to the performance of a very special set at the uniqueYesfanomenon event! See the links above for more details! There will be more information from us about these events shortly. For the first time ever Fragile will perform the full "Yessongs" set at these shows.

24th Sep

Folkestone moves to 2004

Fragile's appearance at Stripes in Folkestone has been rescheduled following recent discussions with the club promoter, and a revised date for the venue will now appear on the band's 2004 itinerary. This decision was taken jointly with the promoter in the light of information concerning an appearance by the Australian Pink Floyd at the Leas Cliff Hall on the 22nd November 2003. It is Fragile's policy to avoid gigging in geographical locations where other progressive or classic rock acts are also due to appear on the same date. The APF date was announced only recently, and it was agreed with the promoter that the date clash would undermine the business viability of the gig at Stripes. We apologise to Yes fans in east Kent for the need to reschedule, and if you are heading to the APF show then 'shine on you crazy diamonds'!

24th Sep

A news update from Fragile

Fragile may seem to have been quiet over the last few months but the truth is that behind the scenes they have been busier than ever.  To find out more about the current tour and Fragile's other projects take a look at this news update.

24th Sep

Kingston Re-Peeled . . .

Fragile regret to announce that the gig scheduled for Saturday 18th October 2003 at the Peel, Kingston, Surrey, has been cancelled. Fragile would like to emphasise that they bear no responsibility for this decision, and that any enquiries concerning the cancellation should be directed to mark@peel-leisure.co.uk. The band would like to apologise to London based Yes fans for this development, and indeed those who were intending to travel from across the southern counties. The remaining opportunities to see Fragile in the south of the England this year will now be at Mr Kyps, Bournemouth on the 10th October; Club Riga, Southend on Thursday 13th November, and Stripes Club, Folkestone on 22nd November.

13th Sep

Corridors Of Time Tour Announced - Starts October!

We're delighted to announce another tour from Fragile and the best part is that you only have to wait a couple short weeks for it to start on the 3rd of October at Fibbers in York.  You can see the full list of dates on the gigs page.  See you at a gig soon!

14th Jun

See some Jon & Vangelis at the exotic rock festival

The 2003 North Cornwall exotic rock festival will take place on the 19th and 20th of July at Tintagel. It's two days of fine music including an appearance by Fragile's Steve and Max performing some of the best music that Jon & Vangelis produced. To find out more detail just follow this link.

6th Apr

Poole, Bournemouth, Mr Kyps in October

Fragile are delighted to announce the first show of their Autumn schedule with a visit to Mr Kyps in Bournemouth on Friday October 10th. Mr Kyps is a fine venue and the band are delighted to have secured a night there, the first confirmed date of their Autumn schedule.

31st Mar

Show Reviews and Pictures

The band are always delighted to receive show reviews and pictures. Today we've uploaded an excellent review from the show at the Robin in Dudley and some great pictures pictures from Malcolm Jeffrey. We also have a short review by Sharon Hopkins about the same show and from Southend Guy Rickard does the honours aided by some more of Malcolm's excellent pictures.

19th Mar

Rochdale in May!

Fragile are delighted to announce another date in their 2003 itinerary. In partnership with JLC Rock Promotions the band will be appearing at the Transport Club in Rochdale on Friday May 16th. Full details will appear on the gigs page.

12th Mar

Pictures from Verviers!

Thanks fo Luc Bragard and some wonderful people from the Yesfocus group Max's debut for Fragile has been captured with some great shots including Jon's most incredible outfit yet! The band came back overawed with the amazing response they got from the crowd in Verviers and you can see pictures of the night here.

5th Mar

2003 BC!

Bastable and Carney welcome you to their vision of progressive dance music, available at gigs. Read more about it here.

26th Jan

Steve talks about Fragile's Future

Steve has been outlining his thoughts about Fragile's recent past and of course their future. You can find the full details in the second instalment of the band's history and an extension to Steve's own page.

24th Jan

St Albans in April

Fragile have announced another date for the Moondogs and March Hares tour at one of their favourite haunts the Horn in St Albans. Full details will appear on the gigs page soon!

2nd Jan

Find out more about Max!

Find out more about Fragile's new keyboard player by reading the new page about Max.

29th Dec

New Book By Peter Banks Mentions Fragile!

Peter Banks, the original Yes guitarist has a great new book out called Beyond and Before - The Formative Years of Yes. As well as providing an interesting insight into the early Yes years Peter is kind enough to mention Fragile. Long time Fragile followers will remember that Peter joined them on stage at the Standard in Walthamstow. To see pictures of the event or to find out more about Peter's new book click here.

14th Dec

New Keyboard Player

Fragile are delighted to announce that they have a new keyboard player, despite some serious competition the job goes to Max Hunt, to find out more about him and the band's plans for 2003 click here.

7th Dec

Moondogs and March Hares

March next year will see Fragile take to the stage for their Moondogs and March Hares tour! Everyone is really excited about putting the show back on the road and Fragile have lined up a set of dates in some of their favourite venues in order to intriduce their new keyboard player who will be announced within the next couple of weeks.

22nd Nov

Something's Coming!

It's been a long nervous time and unfortunately the waiting isn't yet over . . . however, Fragile have been auditioning some very talented keyboard players and hope to announce their new keys man within the next few weeks. If this is successful then the plan is to introduce him to the audiences at a few of Fragile's favourite venues next March. Later in the year a much fuller schedule including some new locations and venues will take place. Stay tuned, the waiting should soon be over.

For older news stories see the News Archive.

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