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New Promotional CD



In 2001 Fragile launched into an epic journey to the Finnish capital of Helsinki and played a storming set to several hundred excited fans! That performance has been captured in the form of a promotional CD . . . Steve explains the rest below.


Live In Helsinki!


Live In Helsinki!

'Fragile are pleased to announce the release of 'Live In Helsinki', a limited edition promotional CDr recorded in August of last year at the Tavastia Klubi in Helsinki, Finland. This second release by the band follows their debut in 2000 with 'Live At The Half Moon', which is still available through www.yestribute.com and at gigs.

Steve Carney talked enthusiastically about the release during an interview last week prior to Fragile's live performances at the Limelight Club, Crewe, and the Robin in Dudley:

"The recording of the Helsinki gig was completely unplanned, the guys from Colossus asked if we were comfortable with them taping the evening, and we said yes. When we got the master CDr's derived from the DAT recordings we were impressed with both the quality of the sound and the performances. It was decided to take the masters into Cybersound for some remixing, and Robert did a wonderful production job and made sense of the wealth of material available. The tracks that appear on 'Helsinki' are those which have been added to the band's set since 2000 when we recorded 'Live At The Half Moon'. The only exception being 'Heart Of The Sunrise' which was such a good take it eclipsed the 'Moon' version"

Steve explained the track order "It kicks of with the 'Firebird Suite' intro which sets the scene for the performance, and then moves straight into 'Siberian Khatru'. Its a gritty rocking performance of the classic Yes opener, and catches the spirit of Fragile perfectly. Next up is 'South Side Of The Sky', and we all felt that this had to be included if only to prove that it can be done live!. However, it's more than a point proven, and features some beautiful acapella vocals and very tasty keyboard work. Robert gets a showcase with Steve Howe's 'Clap' and performs the number with a cheeky authority which everyone in the band felt just had to be heard. I really like the next piece which is 'Theme' the much requested Fragile original featuring Gonzalo and Robert. In my opinion its a magical version of the song which has become a firm gig favourite and serves as a template for the band's future 'Aquaplanage' project. We get back to Yes territory with 'Perpetual Change' and its a real tour-de-force of light and shade.

Its one of my favourite early Yes tracks, and the guys do a brilliant job in the complicated middle section of the piece. The couplet of 'Cinema' and 'And You And I' follows, replicating the format used during 2001 UK gigs. The songs work well together, and 'Cinema' is a monster take that we feel knocks on the head the notion that Trevor Rabin material is best left alone. It flows seemlessly into 'And You And I', which captures Fragile at its interpretative best. 'Heart Of The Sunrise' is there for the reasons already explained, and because Gonzalo got to play with a lethal hammond that night!. The last track is 'Endless Dream - Outro, and I personally am really moved with this take. It's become our regular finisher and the performance at the 'Tavastia' was particularly special and kind of feels like a tangible memory of a unique event in the Fragile story".

Steve explained the reason for 'Helsinki's release "basically, its two years on from 'Moon', and the band has developed so much that it more accurately portrays where we are at. That's not say that 'Moon' is irrelevant, far from it. That recording remains a vital and important piece of our history, but 'Helsinki' adds to the overall picture. 'Helsinki' is a limited edition promotional CDr and its primary use will be to promote the band with agents, venues, and the media. However, we are conscious that some people will wish to obtain a copy for their personal collections and we are keen to assist. So some copies will be made available under special arrangement at gigs and through the website".

Steve responded to the suggestion that 'Helsinki' might become a collectors item "Its definitely a one-off, and there will be no further copies after the run of 300 is exhausted. As for a collectors item?, well why not!"

Steve on stage 


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