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Gypsymusic - Fragile

Fragile are very honoured to have been featured in the Spring 2001 issue of Gypsies of Different Times a classic rock magazine produced by Gypsymusic. Gypsymusic are great fans of Yes and their website and magazine are well worth a look. See below for what the magazine is all about!




We are gypsies of different times. No prior generation was exposed to

the media like we were. We were the first generation to experience the

ravages of war and The Monkees in a single afternoon without leaving the

confines of our living room. We embraced the sights and sounds around us

and labeled it "psychedelic". Paramount to our being was "the music".

It gave voice to our spirituality and passion as we evolved into citizens

of a New World order. We danced our way with visions of peace and love

and were stunned by the realities of society's inequities. Our earth

view was myopic, but it was kindled by a reverie that allowed us to

mature and raise our psyche. The imaginings that formed our minds and

the music that helped us to stimulate those thoughts is who we are today.


GYPSIES of DIFFERENT TIMES hopes to navigate the nostalgia with a

perspective of this era that embraces its historical significance and

illustrates that " the music" was more than the tunings of a guitar or

the random selections of Classic Rock that finds itself on today's

airwaves. Much of the music was born of classic literature and art, and

served as a primer to the introduction of the many variations of human

culture that equally exist beyond the realm of Western Civilization.

"The music" itself is equality and the gypsies among us who negotiated

those thresholds continue to promote the promise with the same blind

ambition. Ours is a lifestyle that cannot be cloned, but its legacy can

be continued.


This magazine is dedicated to those gypsies who pioneered a brave new

musical world and the tribe of offspring who were sired by this

generation. It is in their hearts that the heritage is placed and the

birthright is passed. Our goal at the GYPSYMUSIC ORGANIZATION is to

educate our children about the nuances of this era, and to celebrate the

solidarity that silently exists among the survivors of this time.


Kathryn Hoffman-Baley (2001)

Ordering information, is as follows:


Cost per issue: $6.00 (USD) plus $1.50 (S/H)

One year subscription (four issues): $20.00 (Includes S/H within the

continuous US. Add $5.00 (USD) for mailing outside this area.)

Checks or Money Orders(USD) payable to:


Kathryn Baley

The Gypsymusic Organization

2824 Wilkinson Avenue

Fort Worth, Texas 76103-2840


Thanks to you and much peace!



Kathryn Hoffman-Baley, Promotional Director

The Gypsymusic Organization



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