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David Watkinson

Author of the forthcoming book "Perpetual Change" David was kind enough to give us his thoughts on the album.

"There is no guitar part that these guys can't play"

Read David's full review.

Mike's musical credits read like a who's who of modern music, he has collaborated with countless artists including Peter Gabriel, Uriah Heep, Sir Elton John, Joni Mitchell as well as being a well-respected composer in his own right.

"Just heard Fragile's Live at the Half Moon CD, - what a blast from the not-so distant past! A wonderfully performed and exuberantly energetic tribute to YES, who must be well pleased - as was I!"

More about Mike Gibbs.

Mike Gibbs

Huw Lloyd-Langton

Huw should need no introduction to those who follow the progressive rock genre after his years as a stalwart of Hawkwind. He talked with me on the phone about Fragile, tribute bands and his current activities.

"I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who is into Yes."

Read the full interview.

Glenn was the original bass player with Jethro Tull and has played in a number of other bands since.

"During the early 1970's, I was fortunate enough to play at a number of shows with Yes and became very familiar with their music.Listening to the Fragile Live at the Half Moon C.D. brought back the very spirit and emotion of those shows. Of particular note are the vocals of Steve Carney who so accurately captures the ethereal quality of Jon Anderson's voice without ever appearing to be merely a mimic and the incredible keyboard playing of Gonzalo Carrera as the keyboards play such a dominant role in the music of Yes.The other players; Jon Bastable on Bass, Mitch Harwood on Drums, Tom Dawe on Guitar and Vocals and Robert Illes on Lead Guitar all do a great job completing the package and, unlike too many tribute bands, they succeed in being a genuine Tribute to Yes and not a parody.

Visit Glenn's website.

Glenn Cornick


Magazine / E-Zine Reviews



The Review


"Fragile transform the music of Yes" . . .


"Multi-time-signature, never-the-same-key-twice, tight-as-a-snaredrum, mushroom-lyric, downright-bloody-difficult-to-play virtuoso seventies' musicianship" . . .

Metal Hammer

Zoltan Koncsok wrote the following review for the Metal Hammer Mag in Hungary (Original+translation) . . .

Alternate View

"Until now I had never seen the point of a tribute band releasing an album" . . . .


"I was completely awed by the precision and mastery of these timeless songs." . . .

More Than Music

"A great album and performance" . . .


"One of the best tribute releases I've heard" . . .


"Very good interpretations" . . . - In english and Finnish!

Progressive World

"This is one fun CD for Yes fans" . . .

Reviews From People Who've Bought the CD
Chris Jones

"A lump to the throat . . . a tear to the eye" . . .

Geoff Parkins

"So authentic and atmospheric" . . .

Paul Burt

"It's Unbelievable!" . . .

Susan Dean

"Quite excellent" . . .

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