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CD Review

David Watkinson

Author of "Perpetual Change - Thirty Years of Yes"



David kindly agreed to write some brief thoughts about the CD despite the fact that he is currently working long hours against tight deadline s in order to complete his book. Fragile are very grateful!

"Are you ready to rock?" 

Well this week I received two CDs, one was Fragile and the other was Yes: Live - The House of Yes. This is a quick view as I am in the process of writing the new book about Yes. Firstly, the cover is well done with a spacey look to it and a Roger Dean feel. inside we find a picture of the band dressed in black looking the part, 'Are you ready to rock'?

I have seen Fragile about 3-4 times with different line-ups along the way, this one is the best so far.

Now for the music….

ROUNDABOUT: Is unusual for an opener for a Yes record but is well done.

ALL GOOD PEOPLE: Sounds remarkably like the real guys.

HEART OF THE SUNRISE: A wonderful track both by Yes and in this Fragile rendition.

OWNER OF A LONELY HEART: I really love the different version of this famous track, I would listen to this sooner than the original one now.

YES MEDLEY: Yes should do this on tour simple as that, all my favourite bits in one lot.

STARSHIP TROOPER: Excellent Finale.

RATING: 8 out of10.

Points noted: Rock steady drums, watch out Igor the keyboard player is coming, a good choice of material, Steve's on form, there is no guitar part that these guys can't play, can only get bigger and more successful as a band, GO SEE THEM.

David Watkinson

Yes: Perpetual Change, Thirty Years Of Yes author.

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