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Winston Arntz



A Big Thumbs Up To Fragile


Last year I did a review of a Yes tribute band called Envision. They released 'A Classic Yes Tribute' and that was a nice CD. Now, in 2000 another band does the same, Fragile from England and although made out of the same ideals this one is way more impressive. Fragile transform the music of Yes to their own capabilities and with a rearranged version of 'Owner Of A Lonely Heart' they do something extra with the music. Envision's focus was on the classic Yes and do no '90125' band songs, Fragile isn't afraid of that period and by playing 'Owner Of A Lonely Heart' and a piece of 'Hearts' they realise that that certain period was very important for Yes. They might expand this and do some songs of 'Big Generator' and 'ABWH' to my taste. As this is a live recording there are things going on and over the edge sometimes but that doesn't bother me much. Singer Steve Carney has the hardest job in the world, singing Jon Anderson music isn't easy and in 'I've Seen All Good People' he has a hard time but manages. The band Fragile is impessively good at their instruments, guitarist Robert Illes and keyboardman Gonzalo Carreras are doing more than fine jobs as 'Steve Howe' and 'Rick Wakeman' and the rhythm section doesn't sound exactly as Yes, still they offer a good and solid foundation to the songs. 'Heart Of The Sunrise' is excellently played and it takes a lot of work in my opinion to figure that one out, because of all the changes in the song. Fragile has arranged a Yes medley that contains fragments of Yes epics like 'Gates Of Delirium', 'Ritual' and 'The Revealing Science Of God' among a few others. 'Yours Is No Disgrace' is my favourite track of this album, the energy of that song is universal I think. So a big thumbs up to Fragile, Yes music isn't easy to play and when you start a band like this the chances of going flat on the face are more than thinkable. Somehow Fragile found away to do it properly and I admire that, I hope to see them in Club 66 in Verviers Belgium on November 11th.


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