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CD Review

More Than Music

Magnus Florin



A great album and performance


Among the hardest tasks in this world when it comes to covering music, would defenitly be the band YES. A band which succeeds in writing structured songs even though the play time usually is over 10 minutes (at least). When hearing of the most famous cover band of YES, named Fragile, I immediatley got the sense of that there were some serious and competent musicians involved.

And my thoughts were confirmed as soon as I put on the first track of their documentation of a live concert in London early in 2000. Introducing "Roundabout" is a great way to start a concert for sure, and as it seems like Fragile brings forward this tune in a way that not every band around could do I was right away very positive towards the following songs of this concert.

Lead vocalist Steve Carney is maybe the most discussable person in this band, since singing Jon Anderson lines isn't exactly a simple thing to do either. Steve do not at all sound like Jon Anderson in any way, since he uses a bit more powerful voice than Anderson (really!?). But he manages to go thru the concert without lack of confidence and quality in his singing. There's one detail maybe in the medley containing "Soon", where one of the high notes is somewhat broken, but in general Steve does a superb job.

Hightlights of the albums are the things that Fragile do on their own decision. Simply the jam and medley which YES don't do. In the Yes-medley keyboard player Gonzalo Carreras is featured with a solo part. It's called "Six Wives" and contains Rick Wakeman material, including parts of his King Arthur album. Bravo!

The best material on this album arrives in the end..... The brilliant "Yours Is No Disgrace" followed up by legendary "Starship Trooper" can't really be beaten. Included for all time in Fragiles live set, I hope.

In general, a great album and performance. Will we ever hear own material from this band? Maybe not, but until then it's gonna be a quite interesting trip.

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