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Perpetual Change - Thirty Years of Yes


Here's a selection of what the press and some Yes notables have had to say about the book . . .


"Treasured by fans as a definitive collector's guide . . .Anyone with even a passing interest in Messrs Anderson, Squire et al should do themselves a favour, and acquire and retain this total mass of Yes." - Record Collector

"Compelling and richly detailed account of prog-rock superstars Yes . . . is a vital investment for long time fans . . . it will amaze with its superb attention to detail." - 20th Century Guitar Magazine

"A loving account of the prog-rock survivor's history. Perpetual Change is pornography for any man who wore an army greatcoat in the seventies. " - Q Magazine

I got the book today and I can only CONGRATULATE you to the heavens. What a perfect mix of info / reference and collector's guide. I'm sure it's everything you hoped. It certainly is mine!

IAN HARTLEY (The Revealing Yes magazine, UK)


I got the book on Friday, and it looks great, congratulations.

JEFF VARNER (Yes management,USA)


Book is GREAT! Even my husband enjoyed looking through all the fliers of the old bands! Great stuff.

PAM BAY (Steve Howe fan club, UK)


The book looks fantastic - you must be very pleased. I'll be sure to drop a very favourable review in my next Armada newsletter and on the web site.

DAVE (Asia official web site)

It's great. I mean, David set himself a difficult task: it's not an easy act to follow Chris Welch's marvellous "Close to the Edge -- The Story of Yes" or, indeed, the many very good websites on Yes history, but I think he can be very proud of the book. I've only dipped into it so far, but David has come up with some new things about the band (e.g., he's clarified the transition from Mabel Greer's Toyshop to Yes, long a mystery). And this is very much an illustrated history. One of the few disappointments about Welch's book was the paucity of pictures. Perpetual Change" has something on every page, including plenty I've never seen before.

HENRY POTTS (Yes information web site, UK)


I can't think of anyone better to compile a book like this. I can't wait to get a copy.

JON DEE (ex Yes music fanzine editor, UK)