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Perpetual Change - Thirty Years of Yes

About the Book


David pens some notes for the book
Perpetual Change has been years in the making and has been a long-held dream for David Watkinson. The book that David envisioned is one that is purely for Yes fans and most importantly it is written by a fan! The book itself contains a wealth of detail while remaining true to its original aim of providing a visual history of Yes. It is split into three major sections or themes;

Yes History

Yes Live

Yes Collectables


Yes History

Stand on hills of long-forgotten yesterdays.

Surely very few bands have as rich and deep a history as Yes. Through a myriad of line-up changes and more albums than a score of modern bands can put together Yes have continued to astound, memorise, delight and in all honesty at times frustrate their fans. Yet somehow the more things have changed the more they have stayed the same. . . Many great musicians have brought their talents to the band and each has left his own unique stamp on the music.

Three Yes "greats" - Anderson, Moraz, Squire


One of those great shows - 90125

 Yes Live

Master of images, songs cast a light on you.

Yes live is something that once experienced simply can't be forgotten, we all know that. Read the set lists and exhaustive show date listings dating back to the band's earliest shows. See images of the band's spectacular stage shows, many of them never published before. Recall your favourite Yesshows and learn about the ones you never made it to!



Yes Collectables

In all encircling mode.

For years David has been a passionate collector of all things Yes. In Yes Collectables David shares his experience listing all the Yes memorabilia, albums, singles and bootlegs that he has become aware of.. Also included are many picures of the items, some truly unique, that form his vast collection.



Roger Dean Trading Cards


Read on for more details about the individual sections, starting with Yes History.

NB These images are not ones from the book itself but are representative of the kind of thing you can expect. The book itself is a mix of colour and black and white pages.

About the Book - Introduction | Yes History