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Perpetual Change - Thirty Years of Yes

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Mar 19th

Hi everyone, well just a quick update for you all on the book. I have had many reviews and not a bad one among them I am pleased to say, one is still in this months 'Q' magazine.

The publisher has said they had hoped to reprint by the end of the year which is great news. This means I have a some months to update all the sections in the book!! So, I have started this task but I am asking you as fans that if you come across a new item or fact or bit of information that will make it even better, then please send the information to me through the web site.

I have a few items going up for sale on Ebay.com one being a special one at the moment, 11 items have been sold from my collection last month, keep an eye out in the sale section here on the website.

All the best to you all. David

Jan 14th


Hi everyone, well what a December it was, 5 gigs around the UK, which were great. Meeting up with friends and many fans that saw me outside the venues handing out flyers, good to see you and happy reading! With the book out now for a few months this is just an update on what's been happening. I was lucky to have a meeting with all members of the band individually to give them their personal copies of the book, this was at the Brighton gig. The day of the first London show I had to do an interview with Radio London which went out about 11oclock the same evening after the show, hope someone heard it. I then went to sign some copies of the book at Tower Records which made me get to the gig at about ten to eight so I had no time to give out flyers at that gig. Thanks to the few people who kindly gave them out at the northern gigs I couldn't make, cheers.

The second eve at London I was lucky to see an old mate who was the originator of the UK Yes fanzine 'Yesmusic' in about 1980 Jon Dee. I also spoke with Alan White, managed to buy Jon Anderson a bear, chat to his wife and his brother about the old days! She liked the book. I have had many good reviews of the book mostly from the UK but haven't seen much from the US, it reached No79 in the Amazon.co.uk book sales which I am very happy with. If you want a signed copy Tower Records (Picc) London would be your best bet, I have only done about 50-70 for book shops and meetings with fans. Peter Banks called and said he liked the book and likewise Geoff Downes said how much he enjoyed it when I met him at the Cardiff gig. Roger Dean said I did a great job as did Tom Brislin who learnt a lot about the band from it.

The December Record Collector magazine with Yes on the cover, has a fantastic 12 page feature on Yes, I supplied most of the visuals, the solo discography and the memorabilia page. IT'S A MUST BUY FOR FANS…GET IT WHILE YOU CAN, only a few weeks left. I may be involved with another Yes project soon I hope it works out, I'll tell you about it next time. As for all my collection going up for sale, well there will be items going on Ebay.com as before, but due to demand for material from various places like the RC it's hard for me to part with it all so from time to time some pieces will be sold. I am after the RED and GREEN 2001 USA Tour programmes, can you help? Trade for them?

I have an interview now on the Jon Kirkman Rock Ahead Internet rock music site, visit it at www.themusicindex.com/rockahead/intro1.htm

And I may be doing something for the prog radio show that Yes have been on this week 2002 looks like a lot more Yes product is on its way and if you are one of the lucky ones you could get to see a Yes show as well. How about going to see Fragile the UK Yes tribute band in the UK, it could be our only chance for live Yes music for some time. 2001 (my fave film too) has been a great time for me promoting the book, seeing the shows and meeting the fans, my 15 mins of fame is over and done now so it's back to the real world now. Its difficult now that the book is out, I just wanted to not know what peoples reaction was when they first got it everywhere. I must say though, it is all I wanted, I'm very happy with it (yes there are some things to change). It has been hard, but worth all it, if only I could tell you what I had to go through to get this book to you, that's another book in itself. THANKS AGAIN for buying it, recommending it, lending it and telling anyone about it. Most of all enjoy it, after 30 years of the band I'm happy now that Yes and the fans have a book to be proud of.



Nov 7th

November update

Hi everyone, well its good to see all the kind reviews coming in about the book and thank you for your telephone calls as well. After all the hard work its comforting to know that I achieved my aim in creating what I believe is the best Yes book to date, thanks. Well flyers were given out at the Sweden Yes fan gathering on 6th NOVEMBER event out there.

If you would like me to sign your copy of your book I shall be at the following UK events:-


(I recently visited the Anne Sudworth's art exhibition (artist for Rick's son's album cover) and urge you to check out her work, she is very talented)



I will be handing out flyers for the book at these gigs in December, signing copies if you see me and possibly signing copies in the various book shops in each town:-



LONDON 4 / 5 DEC (Tower Records - wait for the times)



Yescapade is OFF, not enough fans signed up for it, big shame I was looking forward to it. Are there any fans for the gigs up north willing to hand out flyers for me at the gigs, the ones I cant get to?

I am looking into selling copies that are signed through the web site, will keep you informed.

The proposed US Tower signing events don't look on anymore which is a shame as I have always wanted to meet the Yes fans out there. Well after many years of trying you wont be able to buy the book on the Yes tour either here in the UK or in the US, sorry, I did try.

I visited Roger Dean this week to give him his copy of the book and to return to him his huge collection of negatives he kindly loaned to me, I was privileged to have had these in my possession for so long it was exciting to see them all, mainly Yes in 1973 on Tour in Japan. Roger said he was very busy with many projects on the go and was preparing for the exhibition which is the first one in London since about 1975.

I am again selling some of my music collection on Ebay.com so if you are interested in memorabilia by Yes and other bands please do check the collectibles section out, you may like something. Enjoy the book, see you soon oh soon.

David Watkinson

Oct 3rd

IT'S HERE! Well at least it is in the UK! All the waiting is over. You can buy/order the book from most good book stores in the UK. We still await exact release dates in other countries but it shouldn't be long now! If you can't wait then you can order the book from Amazon.co.uk and get it delivered. Just go to the order page.

Sep 24th

Hello everyone, well its very near now, the covers are done, advance copies have been passed, they are printed and now we are just waiting for them to arrive in the UK. I need them for the 29th at Tower so its next week. I hope to see some of you Friday at the Fragile gig in London.

The press I have had on the book so far may be featured soon on this site keep checking. When I can figure out Ebay again, so I can put pictures with my items I will have many items for sale some of which have been featured in the book.

Well I have the new album and I'm playing it every day, thoughts on it to come soon. I will be at the Yescapade event in December plus at lots of Yes gigs in the UK hope to see many of you then. I will also be going to the Roger Dean exhibition in London in November. Soon an update should say it's out in the shops, go get one, but till then take care.

Just another point I would like to make, to all the USA fans who have been going through the most shocking time ever with the news last week.



Sep 3rd

We have a winner of the competition! Martin Deinum from the Netherlands was the lucky one to be drawn out of all the correct entries that we received. Martin will now receive a whole package of Yes goodies including a signed copy of the book. You can find out all the details on the competition page.

Sep 3rd

Hi Yesfans, well the book is being printed up in Spain as we speak, the final sample has been passed and so its not long now before you can have a copy.

I hope to go and see Fragile again on the 21st in London (see Fragile's web site for details), I may have copies of the book by then.


I will be doing book signings at Tower Records (Picc)branch London on Saturday 29 September, in the main rock floor. I hope to see as many of you as possible, the new Yes album should be just out as well so plenty to talk about.

The Southern Counties radio talk is scheduled for 26th September at 3pm, again watch out for details on my site. I have just come back from Bolton (my home town, yes I am a fan of the Wanderers, doing OK eh in the football table eh) where I did an interview for the local papers, there should be a good article soon which will cover all the north west of England.

All the best, David Watkinson

Aug 5th

I will be appearing on Southern Counties radio in the UK on the 10th September speaking about the book for 20min, on the 3pm afternoon book show, hope you can catch it. Hello Yes fans, did any of you go to Yescapade? if so can you tell me how it went?My visit to see Fragile, the UK tribute band last week has been written up and you can read it on their web site , it was good to meet all of you there, more than 100 fans turned up for the show, I will see them again in September. David.

Aug 5th

As the release date comes ever closer the excitement is building, there is still time to enter the competition and we've added a couple of "extras" to the site. There is a picture of David from many years ago in his "Yes" room and the homepage now sports a copy of the book flyer based on the new cover of the book.

Jul 23rd

The latest and exciting news that we have from the publishers Plexus is that the printers are now officially booked! Apparently the earliest that they could be scheduled was late in August so all being well it looks as though Perpetual Change will hit the UK bookstores in the first week of September!! It's not clear how long it will be for the US release after that but as soon as we have some news we will let you know. To celebrate we have extended the closing date for the competition until the end of August. The quality of the answers coming back has taken us by surprise with far more people finding fifty tracks than we had envisaged. Some have even found the "extras" in there! However, the test was to find fifty unique tracks so anyone with that number or more correct answers will be entered into the final draw!

Good luck! Simon.

Jul 12th

Hello everyone I have some great news that I am very excited about, yet another of my long-term goals for the book has been achieved. I have an exclusive, Rick Wakeman has supplied the foreword for it. You will have to wait to see it for your self but it's a good one and unmistakably by Rick!

It's been good to see a lot of you having a go at the quiz, I have quite a lot of correct ones but there is still time to enter and win the prizes, do have a go if you can. I went to see Oliver Wakeman at the 12 Bar Club in London last week, meeting the album cover artist Anne, some fans, Jim Halley (Steve Howe manager) and Oliver himself. He only played a 20min set and there was only about 30 people there, but it was a great night. The first plug in the press for the book came in the Record Collector magazine this month here in the UK, I supplied the details for it, even though I did say July/August for a release date and not June, ah well.

The official book launch release party in the US will be on July 28TH at 'Yescapade', I will be sending them a copy of the cover, promotional flyers that are pre-order forms too, a photo and a tape of myself talking about the book. I don't think the book will get there in time but as least everyone will be up to date with the contents. It sounds like a great event I'm sorry I cant be with everyone.

One thing I am planning to go to though is the FRAGILE (yes tribute band) gig on July 22nd at the The Manor, Biggin Hill, south London ish. See FRAGILE's web site for details, I'll be the one handing out flyers most likely, so I'll see some of you in a week.

Just as a point of interest to all you budding authors out there, doing a book isn't a quick process. It took me one year to make a mock up part time, another year was taken up with another publisher who eventually didn't do it and then two years with my current publisher Plexus, all I can say now is phew!! It's nearly out and I hope someone will buy it and most of all enjoy it.

When it does come out however would it be possible for you all to send me any reviews you may see of it in any publication, good or bad, big or small, thanks.

Anymore news on the book will be posted on this site.


David Watkinson

Jun 22nd

Hello all, Well it's looking just great, the bulk of the book is in black & white with a colour section in the middle, it is right up to date with 2001 tour dates and the new album cover coming any day now, we may call it YES-PERPETUAL CHANGE 1968-2001. It has nearer 200 pages and is much bigger than we planned content wise. Full of images.....WOW just as I had imagined it, it's a book you will pick up all the time and read or just skip through to your fave year. Well I'm off to Plexus today to chat and sort this and that out, it's funny seeing it as a book at last.it's been so long to put together but at the end of the day I did it for all you fans out there who love this band.

I went to see Roger Dean on monday to show him the book and he is about to start an exhibition in New York soon, details to follow, a Yes EP will be coming out soon as well.

I do hope you have a go at the new quiz it's a bit of fun and you do get some good stuff for nowt (nothing) sorry the Bolton twang was coming out then. End of July is the date of release.

Jun 20th

To celebrate the forthcoming release of the new book David has set up a Yes wordsearch competition in which you could win not only a signed copy of the new book but also a number of exciting items of Yes memorabilia both old and new! To take part just go to our competition page.

May 28th

Hello all you patient Yes fans, here's what's been happening. Plexus have completed the final edit, the design work should be done in two more weeks. The aim is to have it ready for the USA Yes tour, so on the book shelves out there in July, which means you need a month to ship it all and deal with other tasks. It is looking like the bulk of it will be in black and white with a large colour section in the middle, maybe 20 pages or so, the final image count will be around 200.

I had a good chat with Peter Banks the other day catching up on his life. He recently got married and has been away for some time, now back and ready to dive into some projects. He too is looking to have his book out by August, he may attend the event I speak about here.

On September 8 Fragile the excellent (UK) tribute band are to play a gig in west of the country, down the M4, A4, (for more details visit their web site on my links page) the Fragile gig will also include a small scale Yes gathering where I will sign copies of the book. It is hoped that other Yes linked people will attend and that is being worked on now, any ideas on it and would you travel?

I will be adding a competition soon for you to win lots of Yes items so do enter when get that up and running. I have contacted the Record Collector mag-azine (UK) and given them a big update on all matters Yes so keep a look out for that in an edition very soon.

As for other Yessy things going on, well in the very small world of serious Yes collectors, those who pay the highest amount for the rarest material, is that about 5 are getting together in Germany to chat and show all there rare items off, some coming from USA, Japan, UK, so however mad on Yes you are, there' s always someone else out there like you. I recently bought a bootleg (which I don't collect much) of Jon Anderson in the Warriors back in 1965 which is great, he is basically just trying to sound like Paul Macca (Beatles) it's good fun. Don't forget Yes' new album Keystudio is out this month, the KTA studio compilation album. Did you know that there are indeed 4 Yessongs movie posters to collect as I have just found out, not two, ah well that's more money gone I guess.

As with all editing processes for a book some areas are shortened and others lengthened, would you be interested in seeing some interviews I have done but not used, let me know.

May 28th

Some of you may wish to know that as well as the Yes book that I am writing there is also a new book about Asia - The Heat Goes On written by Dave Gallant. Copies are on sale from their website, click on the picture of the book for more details and tell them that I sent you :-)

Apr 7th

Hi Everyone, well having spoken today to PLEXUS the reason for the delay has been administration, other books being finished, the London book fair and the unenviable task of my contact who has just finished scanning in 400 items!! And this was not all of my collection. Design continues but it is our aim to have this ready for the Yes tour in the States in July which means finishing in June, only 8 weeks away.

Mar 25th

Hi everyone just a quick note I went to see Rick Wakeman the other day at Worthing on his final solo tour of the UK, it was a great night out as usual but how sad it was to hear Rick's sad tales about his situation these days. I am genuine when I say I will miss Rick playing live as I have seen him since the 1980s..good bloke and a real keyboard star, who could ever compare really?

On another subject I am selling a number of Yes items from my collection on ebay.com, the first item is number 1418196119 a press item from 1977. All the best, David.

Mar 12th

Hi there, well as before the book is in the design stage so nothing to much more to say, any questions for me regarding putting this project together are welcome from budding authors, if I can help I will, tip one though, be patient eh.

David Watkinson

Feb 21st

Hi everyone, well news on the book is that all the images are being chosen, scanned in. Then over a period of about 3 weeks it will be designed, still on line for a April-ish release date.

Thank you for your continuous support in this yes book, all the best to you all.

David Watkinson

Dec 29th

David has asked me to pass on Season's Greetings to you all. The book is coming on very well and two key meetings have just taken place. He spent some time with Roger Dean who has been kind enough to help out and a marathon session with the publishers working on which images to use and which to leave out.

To celebrate we've added some new pages to the site to give you a much stronger flavour of what the book is going to be like describing the structure and the contents in more detail. The whole thing is illustrated with some great Yes pictures.

Click here to read more.

Cheers, Simon.

Nov 28th

Hi Yes fans,

Hang on in there the book is moving on, nothing major to report that's why this is a bit late in reaching you. Pictures, images and artwork are being chosen so it's another step nearer being complete.

The layout of the book will comprise three sections. 1, A potted history with quotes and interviews, album covers and more, 2, YES LIVE will feature all the live dates, venues, set lists and information on shows, 3, will cover Yes collectables and memorabilia, anything you can think of, it will be covered. The largest listings of everything Yes ever put together.

Like yourself, I can't wait to see it out in the shops, thanks again for your interest.

Regards, David Watkinson

Oct 4th

Hi Yes fans,

I am at the editing stage for about two more weeks, then the exciting bit choosing the images. I will be updating some of the pages very soon on the web site so you can see some more images that may go in. Later in the year I will be auctioning off many Yes memorabilia pieces, some of which will be featured in the book, if you would be interested in buying something let me know. I probabley have 600+ items!!

I would be interested in anyone who may be going to gigs by Rick, Bill or Steve as I would like to hand out flyers promoting the book, if you think you can help distributing them at a gig let me know. I received two CD's on the same day last week, one the new Yes live album and the other live Fragile, so plenty to keep me awake on these late evenings.

I am in discussion with parties re book signings at Tower Records which sounds fun so I will see what happens there, these could be in the US also! If I can tie the launch in with any other happening I will do so, say a gig by Fragile, Rick, Steve or Bill, wait and see on that one. The basic split that the book will form will be a short history, tour and live section, collectables and listings of everything you can think of to do with Yes.

That's all for now, thank you once again for your kind comments and interest in the book.

Regards, David

Sep 6th

Hi just a note about the cover and the title, it my not be like the one shown as this is a mock-up, it will be a good one though I can assure you. I am having talks about doing signings in various places which would be fun so I will keep you informed on how this is going.

It can happen, David

Aug 31st

Hi Yes admirers,

Well the news on the book is that it still at the editing stage, this will continue for at least a couple of weeks, plenty of late nights for me then! Yes I did produce too many words, so to bring it down to a size that will make it a more affordable book for all, cuts will be made, this will also tighten the overall feel of it and is standard practice when honing a book down as it nears the publication date. It is possible but not definite that the final layout will consist of a history, Yes live and a collectors section, all with visuals. The feedback from Yes after seeing the text only version of the book on tour was positive with them wishing me well with the project.

I will be attending the Steve Howe solo gig in West Sussex, so come and say Hi if you want to, it would be good to meet you all and I would be happy to chat about the book and all things Yes. I am still in need of photographs, memorabilia and collectables that you may have, from magazine covers, tickets and posters to your own photographs, if you have something that you would like to contribute then do get in touch, be quick though!

If you have a local bookshop and would like to order a copy, then ask them to look it up on the system, book stores have to order their Christmas supplies in now, so the timing is excellent.

Perpetual Change is here Soon Oh Soon.

Regards, David Watkinson

Aug 16th

The book editing is still in progress. Release dates look like being November in the UK and December in the USA. In the UK the price will likely be about £16.99 and extra details can be found on Amazon.com for the US or from your local book store under Yes: Perpetual Change, David Watkinson. The book will be about 160 pages and the ISBN number is 0859652971.

July 14th

The book has now been sent to the publishers. They will review, edit, check and generally mull over it, before we discuss any changes that will be made. I have probably made the project much bigger than I had originally planned, but the information kept coming in and also Yes events took over with all kinds of news events taking place that had to be included.

While on the Masterworks tour, Yes has had an unfinished copy of the book to while away those journeys in the tour bus and to pass the time before the gig. Recent discussions with Roger Dean proved very interesting, revealing stories behind happenings that have affected the band over the years, these have been added only days before the deadline.

Over the next couple of month's I will be pulling the visual side together, which will include photographs of the band live and in the studio. Memorabilia and collectables will need to be sorted out, as does the cover design. Oh by the way it isn't too late to contact me with any photographs you may have, as I still need them.

With the tour progressing so well in the USA many feel that the timing is right for a celebration type book on Yes. By the time the book appears, the Masterworks tour would have finished and the fan base would I bet, feel pretty pleased with the events of 2000.

Yes have once again been a very active, but who would have guessed that they would play the tracks that they have been playing on this tour, amazing!

Coming soon will be links to the Plexus Books Web site plus Amazon.com book pages, giving you the opportunity to buy online or to see the other excellent Plexus books available.

That's all for now, thank you once again for your kind comments and interest in the book.

David Watkinson

June 2nd

I am so pleased with the response I have been getting from the web page, many of you agreeing that the time is right for such a book. I have had offers of help with photographs, which I do need, so do keep letting me know if you have anything interesting from any year. This month's interviews are with Patrick Moraz about his two years in the band, Rick Wakeman about all his visits to Yesland and comments from Jon Anderson. Trevor Horn gives a very funny interview about his brief Yes days and I found someone who can shed some light on the early drummer roundabout in 1968. The Yes collectables section is now a massive size, full of information on anything and everything Yes. I have included a competition to win some Yes items but at this stage I can't say if it will definitely go in, good idea? Do you want to win some collectables? My reports on Yesshows and tour programmes are in there too, as is a radio show and others listings.

Two days ago I saw Fragile the excellent tribute band here in the UK, they played a marvellous 35-minute compilation section plus many fine classic songs. Go see them if you can, check out their web site for tour dates. You will not be disappointed. Hope you caught the Record Collector Yes feature last month, it came out very well having seven pages on the band. I am dying to go and see Yes in the US for their Masterworks tour but I think I will be to busy working on the book. The end of June is a big deadline for me with the 31st July the final completion date. August - September will see the book coming together and October ish could see it out in the shops!!! Fingers crossed.

Thank you for the encouraging comments, best wishes to you all.

David Watkinson

April 28th

Thank you for your interest in the book I'm still working hard on the project, surrounding myself in this Yesworld every day for as many hours as I can. After a long period of tracking down material, this week I pulled together a whole section on Yes collectables. This shows various pieces of information with comments and facts on areas such as merchandise, bootlegs, radio shows and more. Only the other day I had a call giving me details about pre -Yes gig dates, as someone had found 50 + Marquee flyers, previously undocumented they will be added to the pre - Yes gig listings I have compiled that haven't been seen before. I received a great parcel today containing picture negatives from a keen admirer of Yes for many years. Negatives of gigs and rehearsals from the years 1978, 80, 84, 89 and 91.

Contributions this month came from some key Yes associates. Michael Tait the Yes lighting supremo for 15 years, comments on Yesshows, a roady from the great 1973-4 tour of the UK gives insights into Rick's Topographic era, Steve Howe chatted about Yes in 2000 and Geoff Downes gave some feedback from his time in the band.

Don't forget to pick up your copy of the Record Collector magazine out this week in the UK with the big Yes feature in it. I am still looking for very good photographs of Yes from any era, plus interesting memorabilia can you help me?

That's about it for now, keep Yessing.

David Watkinson

March 28th

The book is progressing slowly but to time at the moment, interest is coming in from all over the world with particular attention from the US. I would like to thank all the fans those have contacted me so far with offers of photographs; I may use some of them offered, I will assess all these at a later stage.

Well I have had an interesting couple of weeks with new information coming in on some of the earlier bands before Yes became Yes, such as the Warriors and Syn. I aim to briefly cover these pre - Yes bands, just those involving Jon and Chris as they were the two founding members.

Exclusive interviews have also been carried out with Bill Bruford (Yes), Dave Foster (Warriors / writing with Yes), Rob Hill (Warriors) and the extremely elusive vanishing drummer with Mabel Greer's Toyshop, Bob!

Some rare photographs have also come my way, which should see there way into the book to, If you have any PLEASE contact, me.

That's about it for now, keep Yessin.

David Watkinson

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