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Perpetual Change - Thirty Years of Yes

Latest News - August 2nd 2003


Aug 2nd

Hi fans, well just to say a BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE I MET at the Yes gigs last week I had a great time, I hope you did also.


Well, I am looking at putting on a Yes exhibition at some point in 2004 featuring my Yes collection + more. A date TBC here in the UK at the Haworth Art Gallery in Accrington, Jon Anderson's original hometown. In celebration of Yes's thirty-fifth anniversary and Anderson's 60th birthday there may be performances from Yes tribute band Fragile and a local rock & roll band which includes a former member of The Warriors. To check out the Gallery for further information click on below...............


I am looking for rare unusual or special Yes or Jon Anderson items of memorabilia, items such as original paintings, stage clothes, stage props, instruments anything from fans or the band that would make a visit special, please get in touch with me through the "Yes-Perpetual Change" website. I hope to put together an exhibition from The Warriors days pre Yes to 2004. There is a small stage inside one gallery perhaps where acoustic sets could be played as well as large grounds to walk/picnic/rest and listen to Yes music, the gallery also holds the largest collection of Tiffany glass in Europe.

Regards and keep yessin...............

David W

Oct 21st

The book is out now and in a few more days it will be available in the USA from Amazon booksellers and all the other online outlets. It's funny that the first edition has been selling for more than its original RRP in many places still as long as you like it could be the only way to get one. Just to set the record straight for those Yes fans that collect all Yes book variations (myself) here is an overview of collectibles re this book.

1, The mock-up version with the different cover as seen still in various places on the net, (the one with images around the edge) only 2 were ever made, one is in New York (if it is still around and not thrown away) at Bloomsbury Publishers. I have the other or only one.

2, The first published edition is the one that has sold out.

3, The second edition was miss pressed and a number of books have the image section placed at the back of the book instead of the middle, these were all pulped, except for those that got away, I will be auctioning a few in a short while, remember only 5 (five)! lived to tell the tale, yes that's 5 five in the world, I shall have one so who gets the others?

4, The second edition has been released in the same format as the original one with the images in the middle, however it has been printed in much less numbers than the first edition so get it while you can before it's edition 3 (I hope). Well now you know, happy hunting .


The New Version of The Back Cover

I have been working on another project which may or may not ever come out which is about Jon Anderson's days before YES in THE WARRIORS. I am looking for any material either copies or originals to buy from this era, items like flyers, adverts, singles, stories...... so if you have anything of interest please get in touch through the web site.

Sep 18th



Due to the overwhelming demand for the first edition of the Yes book, which sold out within six months of its release in September 2002, the second edition of Perpetual Change is soon to be available from Plexus Publishing UK. It continues to document the turbulent history of the world's greatest progressive rock band now in it's 34th year and includes the rejoining once again of Rick Wakeman to the fold. Packed full with many new pieces of information in all areas as before. It still remains THE definitive book on the band to date. It's a must for any fan. Available from the following:-

· All good book-shops to order.

· The official YesWorld yesshop on the Internet.

· Plexus Publishing Ltd, 55a Clapham Common Southside, Clapham, London, SW4 9BX.

· Amazon.com

· Yesbook.net (book website).

It has the same ISBN number as the first edition 0-85965-297-1 and can be distinguished visually by the back cover which has reviews added to it.




£12.99 / $24.95

ISBN 0-85965-297-1


Today I picked up my first copy of the second edition, I am so pleased we could do this one updated and not just release the original one again, for those of you who didn't get the first one then here is your chance. Numbers will be limited and the first edition is a collectable in it's self now. For those keen Yes fans there is enough new content to warrant a second edition, it's going to be a collectable also when it's sold out again.

The book should be in the UK shops in a week or so and about 6 weeks to the USA, you may be able to buy online through Amazon, check them out next week.

Thanks again for all the kind words, enjoy the second edition.

Look out for my interview with Radio XM, Lee Abrams in the US which will be on the Internet about the time the book hits the US.





Hello Yes fans; well this is better late than never eh? Here is my update for you. Firstly the book, well as I said in an earlier update the second edition is on it's way due to it selling out of the first one, which is wonderful, it means you like it (phew). As of now there are only a few left! I had the fortunate situation of being able to update the book for the reprint with the good news of Rick rejoining Yes. The numbers printed for the second edition will not be anywhere near the first print- run so I expect them to go pretty quickly, perhaps creating a collectable in itself. I spoke to Rick just a few days after it was announced he had rejoined the band and he was very positive about everything so lets hope it lasts. I'm surprised at just how much new material I have put together within just six months of the book being sold out, the new edition has over 100 new pieces of information in many areas of the book including tour dates, bootlegs, CD's, programmes and more.

I am pleased to have been helping with a number of official Yes projects such as the box set In A Word and some DVD-A's due for release later this year. I had a call from the BBC in one of these months as they prepared a program called' The Summer of 1977' in which they look at all events including musical ones from that year. I supplied Yes memorabilia for the visuals which also included an interview with Rick I think it went out on the 2nd June 10.15pm. Some Yes memorabilia came up for sale at auction recently and made very good prices, these were three posters from 1971 era and are the oldest ever to come onto the marketplace, brightly coloured with the old logo. I still have sales of items on Ebay.com which you can visit from the collectable page on this site.

I went to see Bill Bruford Earthworks gig in Tunbridge wells the other month and as usual they where excellent, I am not even a jazz fan! The band has stunning musicians and I love Bills drumming, I do recommend you go and see him/them, even if you are like me not to up on the jazz world, but just to see wonderful musicians play. The new Yecapade fan meeting in the US went well in July at which I offered a prize one of my store signing displays from Tower records September 2001 in London. There were only 2 and this one was signed and has some yessy drawings by myself. A number of Yes releases have been out in the last six months and here are my thoughts on just a few of them.



Well at the moment I still don't have my own copy yet but I have seen it and

IT LOOKS FANTASTIC, the presentation is one of the best I have seen, I had a hand in supplying some visuals for the project and influenced the decision to put unreleased tracks on it also. At £50 it's a lot of money and for most hard core fans they would have most of the material, I do think though it's a must as a collection, the best since the last box set over 10 years ago.



Here is the much-awaited limited edition of Yes' latest work and I have to say it is worth getting hold of for the bonus disc alone. Stunning footage and sound from the Symphonic tour make this a must, 'Gates' is wonderful to have and I think this IS going to be a classic live album if the standard of recording performance and production is the same across the whole live album. A MUST BUY.



Coming out before Rick rejoined the band this mostly piano work of Yes classics will be a hit with fans. Featuring a Roger Dean cover it's a CD that you can play anytime, a pleasant and enjoyable album that I think Rick had wanted to do for some time and I for one thought he should have made such an album long ago. Well anyway, it's Yes but not as we know it (Jim) it should be in any Yes fans collection.


YES BOOK: AN ENDLESS DREAM OF 70s 80s and 90s Rock Music

The new book from in Canada, which gives his the author's own slant on the Yes history with particular interest in the Trevor Rabin years. Quite a weighty tome with an odd choice of black and white photos featuring the author in the centre. Although I love Yes in all line-ups personally, there are some fans that do class themselves as Generators (80's fans) or Troopers (70's) Yes fans and nothing else, this book should appeal to most fans but particularly give the 80's Yes fan a boost in their belief that indeed the 80's Yes were the best. The author has some interesting things to say in an interview on the web page where will they be by Henry Potts, I say well done for another Yes book keep um coming, I hope it does well, check out Amazon.com for sales info.



I was very privileged to get the first copy of this one from Peter himself he enjoyed mine and at first glance I will enjoy his too. It comes across in Peter's own distinctive style and when I finish moving I can re-find the book to finish it, I believe it's only available from his publisher in the US so do try to find it and check it out.





Best Wishes to all of you, see you at the YES gigs in the UK in 2003 eh?

David Watkinson


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