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Shardlow - place name and surname

SHARDLOW - Place name  
The following information was probably compiled by Canon Farmer, Rector of the Parish 1896 - 1936.  
The 'Calendars of Fines' relate to Common Law agreements whereby an in-coming tenant paid a small amount of money or peppercorn rent in order to officially register a land tenancy. 

Various ways of spelling Shardlow 

Domesday Book - SERDELAU 
1279  SHARDELOW (Calendar of Fines of the County of Derby)
1310  SHARDELAWE                    "                        "
1286  SHARDELOWE                    "                        "    (reproduced below)
1610 SHARLOW (Old Map)   presumably Speede's
1587 SHURDLOE  (Muster Roll for Spanish invasion)
1231  ) 
&       ) 
1240  ) 


(Calendar of Fines) 
1328  ) 
&       ) 
1344  )
(Simpson's collections for a 
History of Derbyshire Vol. 1 p. 48 and 51) 
SCHARDELOWE Harleian M.S.1965 
1535 SHARDLOWE  Abstract of return 26 Hen.VIII  First fruits office.
1347  SHERDELOWE Memoranda Roll Queens Remembrances
1202 SERDELAW  (Calendar of Fines)
 1675  SHADLOE  Ogilby's Route Map
  SHARELOWE (38 Henry VIII lib.9 fol.257)
1586 SHARDLEY  Examination concerning the Babington conspiracy.

Derivation of Name 
"Old Norse" - Skardi
"a nick-name - hare-lip"
 Rev. Hny. Barber M. D. in Derby 
 Archaeological Journal Vol.XIX p.73 (1897)
 "Anglo-Saxon - scear scearn - a division, a shearing, that which is cut off - 
  sceran - to shear, share, divide, cut off, and 
  "Anglo-Saxon hloew, hlaw, low - a hill, an elevation, a rising tract of ground, 
  also a heap, grave, barrow, tumulous:- 
  the divided hill or barrow

 Derbyshire Place Names by Fdk. Davis
Archaeological Soc. Journal 1880 Vol.II p.61
1286 Calendar of fines (see entry above for 1286) 

1286 Westminster 
On the morrow of the Ascension, 14 Edward I 

Between Master Adam de Admodesham
Plaintiff and John de Hetham, Deforciant. Acknowledgment, on a plea of covenant by the Plaintiff to the Deforciant, and grant thereupon by the Deforciant to the Plaintiff, of one messerage and 16 oxgangs of land in Shardelowe and Wilne. To hold of the Deforciant and his heirs, all the life of the Plaintiff, at the yearly rent of one clove-gilly-flower at Easter, and performing all other services to the chief lords of that fee for the Deforciant and his heirs. And after the death of the Plaintiff the tenements shall wholly revert to Matilda, daughter of Robert de Hennover. To hold of the Deforciant and his heirs by the aforesaid services all the life of the same Matilda. And after the decease of the same Matilda the aforesaid tenements shall remain to Adam, son of the same Matilda, and the heirs of his body. To hold of the Deforciant and his heirs by the aforesaid services for ever. And if it happen that the aforesaid Adam, son of Matilda, die without heir of his body then after decease of the said Adam the aforesaid tenements shall wholly return to the Plaintiff and his heirs, quit of the heirs of the same Adam son of Matilda. To hold of the chief lords of that fee, for ever. 
Calendar of the fines of the County of Derby
Derby Archaeological Society Journal Vol. XIII 1891 p. 16/17
SHARDLOW - surnames  
Aston Lane Ambrose Shardlow Head 40 Carpenter Journeyman Shardlow
Elizabeth Shardlow Wife 36   Breedon
Joseph  Shardlow Son 13 Scholar Cavendish Bridge
William Shardlow Son 10    "
Sarah Shardlow Daughter 7    " Shardlow
Thomas Shardlow Son 5    "    "
Herbert Shardlow Son 2      "
Henry Shardlow Son 3 months      "
Dog and Duck Inn Elizabeth Shardlow Head 65 Licensed Victualler York  - Beverley
Aaron Shardlow Son 30 Carpenter Journeyman Shardlow
Charlotte Woods Daughter 28      "
Ann Woods Grand Daughter 10 Scholar    "
Cavendish Bridge Thomas Shardlow Head 46 Boatwright Journeyman Shardlow
Salome Shardlow Wife 47   Breaston
William Shardlow Son 20 Boatwright Apprentice Loughborough
George Shardlow Son 17   Mountsorrel
Ann Shardlow Daughter 9 Scholar Shardlow
Shardlow William Shardlow Head 48 Cl[erk] Shardlow
   " Elizabeth S Wife 44   Long Eaton
   " Ann S Daughter 21 At Home    "
   " Elizabeth S Daughter 19    "    "
   " Michael S Head 65 Carpenter Shardlow
   " William S  Son 34    "    "
   " Ann S Daughter 34   Breadsall
   " William S Grand Son 10 Scholar  
   " Michael S Grand Son 4    " Derby
   " George Shardlow Head 39 Tailor and Hairdresser Shardlow
   " Frances S Wife 30   Worthington
   " Anne S Daughter 8 Scholar Sawley
   " Frederick S Son 5    " Shardlow
   " Elizabeth S Daughter 4      "
   " Eliza S    " 2      "
   " Fanny S    " 1      "
No 357 
Thomas Shardlow, Cavendish Bridge 
House and garden tenanted from James Sutton - find out about his Boat Company at the Heritage Centre 
See 1851 census, Thomas Shardlow is a Boatwright Journeyman
No 259 
William Shardlow, The Wharf 
House and garden tenanted from James Stevenson Soresby -  more about his Boat Company at the Heritage Centre 
See 1851 census, William Shardlow is a Clerk
1801 AGREEMENT RE NEW WINDMILL is between Alpheus Burgin, William Shardlow of Shardlow - carpenter, 
Charles Holden etc.
Bishops Transcripts of Parish Registers at Litchfield
1825 April 29  Elizabeth the posthumous daughter of Joseph and Eliza Shardlow, Publican 
1824 Sept 26 Joseph Shardlow died aged 43
Free scholars sent to Girls School, Shardlow in 1851 includes:; 
3 sent by Mrs Hardy - Clara Corbett, Maria Hewson and Sarah Shardlow 
2 sent by Mrs Clarke - Ann Shardlow and Fanny Adams
Valuation of Estates in Shardlow 1837
Proprietor Occupier Description
Mr Burgin Mrs E Shardlow Corbetts Close 
Great Green 
House and Garden
John Cowlishaw Thomas Shardlow House and Garden
For more about the Shardlow name see  John Shardalow 
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