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The Radio Series Guide
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BBC radio 2
Penelope Keith as Audrey fforbes-Hamilton, with Keith Barron as DeVere and Angela Thorne as Marjory in the return of 'To The Manor Born' on BBC Radio 2, 1997
Episode 1
Saturday 25 January 1997
( Rhythms of the Earth )
It's Sunday morning and Audrey is far from happy at DeVere's non-appearance in Church. Finding him at the manor drinking 'instant' coffee, and doing the crossword, she takes him to task over his duties as lord of the manor. Next Sunday she vows she will have him not only in church, but reading the lesson as well. The trouble is she forgets what day of the year it is. 
Episode 2
Saturday 1 February 1997
( The Grape Vine )
 DeVere holds a party at the Manor where everyone is talking about holidays. not to be out done Audrey informs him that she is about to go away, but she remains hidden in the Lodge learning Spanish from an old record. When she finds out about DeVere spending time with Marjory in the woods at the back of the Lodge, she tries to 'badger' him about it at her party. DeVere counters this by telling Audrey that he knows where she spent her holiday, and if that got out tongues would really wag. 
Episode 3
Saturday 8 February 1997
( What's in a Name )
Audrey is having trouble with her heating system and to make matters worse Old Ned has to keep on getting "another part" to fix it.  Up at the Manor Mrs Poo is so bored she has taken to entering every cereal packet and chocolate wrapper competition there is.  She has even started to enter a competition to win a years supply of dog food plus a large sum of money in a Cavendish promotion.  When he finds out Richard tries to explain to his mother that it is not allowed, and that if she must enter it 'just for fun' then at least she should do so using another name.  Needless to say she does just that and wins, which in the end is very much to Audreys good fortune and the boiler. 
Episode 4
Saturday 15 February 1997
( Vive Le Sport )
With everyone going down with colds and flu, Audrey believes she is the only fit person left on the estate, that is until she puts her back out. She soon makes a speedy recovery when Richard offers to take her on a skiing holiday with cries of "Vive le sport". Unfortunately, at the last minute Richard has to break off the planned holiday, and that is not all he has broken.
Episode 5
Saturday 22 February 1977
( Sons of the Fathers )
  Arthur Loveless has been sent to prison by Audrey yet again.  As a local magistrate it seems to be a common occurrence for her to send one or more members of the Loveless family to gaol at fairly regular intervals.  The Marlbury bench is short of magistrates so Audrey suggests to Richard that he might consider being appointed.  DeVere however is more interested in the race course and tries to persuade Audrey to go with him.  This she declines as her interest is more on finding any close relatives as she is haunted with being the end of the fforbes-Hamilton line.  With Brabingers help she eventually finds someone, thanks to the family archives, but then wishes she hadn't. 
Episode 6
Saturday 1 March 1997
( A Wife's Prerogative )
 Richard needs a wife to help him get out of an awkward situation with a female business associate. Audrey agrees to the idea as it also allows her to be back at the manor, if only for a weekend. DeVers taste in modern art is not to Audrey's liking and she has things moved around, to Richards dislike.. All appears to go well with the deception, until Mrs Poo's return from London when she misunderstands what's happening. The business deal is concluded in the end, but it's Audrey's 'view' of the manor that prevails.
Episode 7
Saturday 8 March 1997
( The Spare Room )
 The Old Lodge has a leaky roof and when one of Audrey's old school chums (Podge Hodge) decides to come and stay, she has no option but to ask for Richard's help in putting her up. Podge it has to be said is not the same girl Audrey and Marjory remember, and when Richard appears to take a shine to her when they go hunting, "something has to be done !". 
Episode 8
Saturday 15 March 1997
( An Englishman's Home )
DeVere has a security system enstalled at the manor with cameras dotted around the estate.  Unfortunately the camera near the main gate is too close for comfort where Audrey is concerned.  She believes Devere will use it to spy into her bedroom.  A casual word in Ned's ear suggesting DeVere would be able to watch him and the other estate workers all the time provokes a strike.  Mrs Poo meanwhile is totally unable to get to grips with the setting of the alarm system, causing the local police to tear up to the manor all too often for their liking.
Episode 9
Saturday 22 March 1997
( The Honours List )
 This years talk on conservation is by Lord Allenshaw, as was last years. Audrey having taken Richard to task for his non-attendance and disregard for the English country side, does a quick about turn in order to play hostess at the New Years eve estate party. She believes that the local person in the running for an 'honour' has to be Richard, and a knighthood at that. How wrong can one get!!!
Episode 10
Saturday 29 March 1997
( Plenty More Fish )
A certain Commander  Jeremy French-Liversey is showing Audrey a lot of attention which results in her neglecting to assist with the organisation of the county show.  This liaison probuces a rift in the friendship between Audrey and Marjory.  DeVere gets a bit jealous and decides to investigate the so called commander. It seems he have been given a roving eye where the lady's are concerned and Marjory is next in line for his attentions.  Ned and Mrs Poo find themselves on a runaway traction engine. 
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