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Mrs Poo's
Old Czechoslovakian Sayings
"He who sits on the highest pinnacle, still sits  
on his own backside". 

"The willing horse is always saddled". 

"The cat who eats from the dogs bowl, 
gets her whiskers bitten off ". 

"The tongue that talks most, tastes least". 

"The tea pot that is left longest, grows coldest". 

"The naked man fears no pickpockets". 

"There are more ways of getting to the top of 
the tree than sitting on an acorn"

And some which are not..... 
Bedrich : Don't we have a saying in old Czechoslovakia, ' It's the friction in the oyster which makes the pearl'. 
Mrs Poo: No! 
Mrs Poo:  There is no music played until the bow and the fiddle are together....

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