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Episode Guide 1
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The dates in this guide are First Broadcast dates and the 'cuttings' are from
the Radio Times of the day.
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Episode 1
Sunday 30 September 1979
( Grantleigh )
Following the death of her husband Marton, Audrey is forced to sell Grantleigh and settle for a quieter life! The thought of waiting for the mobile library and listening to the Archers however does not appeal in the least 
Episode 2
Sunday 7 October 1979
( All New Together )
Audrey moves out of the manor and into the Old Lodge. Meanwhile DeVere is blissfully unaware of this until he tries to recruit 'the lady at the lodge', to be his social secretary, as his mother believes "she needs a job"  
Episode 3
Sunday 14 October 1979
( Rythms of the Earth )
It's Sunday morning and Audrey is far from happy at DeVeres non-appearance in Church. Finding him at the manor drinking 'instant' coffee, and doing the crossword, she takes him to task over his duties as lord of the manor. Next Sunday she vows she will have him not only in church, but reading the lesson as well. The trouble is she forgets what day of the year it is. 
Episode 4
Sunday 21 October 1979
( Nation's Heritage )
When DeVere starts to rips out an antique Adam fireplace, Audrey sees red. She does however condescend to help him buy a horse, so in exchange he gives her another fireplace he's just removed. Audrey does not relish the thought of looking at something vulgar, especially after what she did have, all too briefly. 
Episode 5
Sunday 28 October 1979
( The Summer Hunt Ball )
Audrey attempts to show DeVere that she is indispensable when it comes to running the Hunt Ball. So she decides to have nothing to do with it. DeVere successfully manages to use psychology to get her to run it and in an attempt to bridge the gap in their relationship intends to ask her to be his partner. Unfortunately, it was  another bridge he should have been more careful of !!!!
Episode 6
Sunday 4 November 1979
( The Grape Vine )
DeVere holds a party at the Manor where everyone is talking about holidays. not to be out done Audrey informs him that she is about to go away, but she remains hidden in the Lodge learning Spanish from an old record. When she finds out about DeVere spending time with Marjory in the woods at the back of the Lodge, she trys to 'badger' him about it at her party. DeVere counters this by telling Audrey that he knows where she spent her holiday, and if that got out tongues would really wag.
Episode 7
Sunday 11 November 1979
( A Touch Of Class )
When Audrey sees a film crew at the Manor she sends Brabinger over to find out what's going on. He reveals that they are making a television commercial with DeVere acting as the Lord of the Manor. The director calls to ask Audrey if he can use her old rolls for a scene in the film, so she takes the opportunity to inform him of the error of using DeVere. Some days later Audrey calls on DeVere to be taken to a charity dinner just as the commercial is being broadcast in its new form.  

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