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Welcome to the To The Manor Born International Appreciation Society's Web Site. This site has been set up to serve the devotees of the classic BBC television series, starring Penelope Keith with Peter Bowles and Angela Thorne.  Written by Peter Spence it has become one of the great, all time classic, British comedy series. 
Set in the heart of the English countryside, Grantleigh Manor is the focal point of Audrey fforbes-Hamiltons life, but when she is forced to sell following the death of her husband Marton, her life changes forever. 
Currently this site is under construction and the editors would like to hear from all fans of the series as to what they would like on these pages. Whilst the objective is to produce a quality site for the fans of TTMB, it is envisaged that input can come from any source.  So let us have any stories, comments, articles on your favourite episode, in fact anything relating to TTMB.  Currently the plans include a FREE registration page. Information at the moment is posted in Mrs. Pattersons Village Shop window where items "Wanted" or "for Sale" may be advertised free of charge.  The 'Marlbury Echo' for the posting of submitted articles and current news.  Mrs. Beechams cook book for all your favourite country recipes, and 'The County Library' page where fans can go to obtain information on all things TTMB.  Naturally there is also a brief episode guide including 'cuttings' which can be found on the Episode List pages. A full listing of the cast for both the TV and Radio series are available on 'Cast List'.
If you still want to know more about 'to The Manor Born' or social grace's then the 'Ask Brabinger' page may be just what you are looking for.

Whilst the editors accept that there currently exist a number of sites purporting to give out information on the series, they are only prepared to recognize the sterling work of John Eue. Link to this web site on the following address: 
Remember this site is to be interactive with constant updates from submitted material. 
To send in articles, ask questions or just for a chat then contact either:- 

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Well It looks as if we have won a Britcoms award with this web site, and I must say that all of us at the Manor are deeply honoured. Thank you to all the nice people at BRITCOMS.COM 
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