- The villages around Bourne, Lincolnshire, England -


Photographed in 1999

ONE OF THE LONELY hamlets on the uplands north west of Bourne is Lenton, also known as Lavington, although Lenton is the preferred name. It is approached by narrow roads and there is a particularly fine view if you drive in from Keisby, with the distinctive broach spire of St Peterís Church on the side of a hill marking the way.

Its detail becomes apparent as you approach and a stop is well worthwhile for the churchyard has tall firs and clipped yews and on the 600-year-old tower is a boldly-marked sundial that has told the time on sunny days since 1824.

On the list of vicars is the name of Edward Bradley, who as Cuthbert Bede was author of much kindly, humorous writing including The Adventures of Mr Verdant Green. He was an unwearying worker for the social, intellectual, and spiritual life of his people during the 19th century.

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