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Radical Faith
Exploring fundamentals of faith in a changed world

A favourite theme of many today is the impending End of Religion. It seems, they say, that we are in a pitiless world, red in tooth and claw. The truth is that life has no discernible meaning. Richard Holloway wants a more positive approach. Christians, despite the archaic packaging of their faith and a largely fossilised institution, are called to craft a new way ahead. It's more important to act than to believe.
The Catholic Church was stretched and strained by change in the 20th century. Catholic Modernism was a strong movement which, beginning in the 19th century, tried to reconcile the Church with contemporary thought. Its advocates sometimes used the Phoenix as a symbol of new life - one which has, from the earliest times, has been used by Christians to portray the new life given them by the Resurrection.

Beyond the Fringe 

For those who are open to venturing beyond
traditional Christian teaching, some challenging
viewpoints are presented here.

The United States has long been touted as an exception to an apparent decline in the West of religion in general, and Christianity in particular. In fact, since 1990 about 25 million people in the USA have ceased to declare a religious affiliation and the trend seems to be ongoing. Why this decline? Allen Downey in the MIT Technology Review proposes that access to the Internet is a prime cause of half the absentees. The remainder are not accounted for; it seems that another mysterious factor is helping destroy the nation's faith.



Church Watch


Jeremy Pemberton, an Anglican priest in the UK, has legally wed his male partner in defiance of a Church ban on priests entering into same-sex marriage [More]


Frans van der Lugt, a Catholic priest working in Homs, Syria, has been beaten and then murdered by a group of Muslim rebels [More]


Lady Margaret Archer has been appointed by Pope Francis I to head up the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, which advises the Church on social issues [More]

The USA Court of Appeals has upheld a ban on State schools being used as venues for Christian worship [More]

he Episcopal Synod of the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church has banned its priests from all involvement in politics [More]

wo Christian pastors in Southern Bhutan remain in prison without charge a month after having been arrested [More]