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Library Services

You can now ask about borrowing the second edition book from your local library service. The ISBN to ask for is 978-0-9574036-1-1. If enough people ask, the library is likely to get a copy which can then be read by library members.


Second Edition Pre-publication Special Offer

To order please credit account 82164884 (Bucks & Wadey), sort code 40-47-60 (First Direct, part of HSBC) with the cost of the book (32)* including postage (2nd class, UK) and packing. Give your name as the reference when using online or telephone banking. Then send an email to to tell us what you've paid in, and where you want the book to go. If your name is not similar to your email address, please tell us what reference you used on the bank payment too.

* This special offer of inclusive postage and packing ends on 20 Aug 17.

Special discounted offers were sent to those on our mailing list on 28 Jun 17 and 15 Jul 17. Sign up for any future offers and for important updates on research methods. We do not pass on any data on the mailng list to any third parties.


Second Edition Post-publication

After publication, we will list the main stockists here.  

The cover price for the second edition is 32.

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