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 PG: Privacy Policy

Email addresses are collected by Yahoo Groups from people who register to receive email news from the Trust and by Twitter from those who follow pgbridleways.

The Trust does not pass on any email addresses to any third party. They are only used to provide the email address owner with news from the Trust. The automated Yahoo Groups service allows any recipient to withdraw from receiving the Trust's news emails at any time. Twitter allows followers to unsubscribe at any time.

The Trust keeps the name and address of registered supporters so that they can be sent the Annual Report and other mailings from the Trust. The Trust does not pass on these address details to any third party. Address details are deleted when a registered supporter writes to the Trust to cancel his support.

Information given on an evidence form (or equivalent) will be given to the relevant council as part of the legal process of recording a path. Such information becomes public once the Council starts to process the application.

Part of the H25 in Ridge Photo: Bridleway 34 in Ridge

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