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You Have Already Slept

James Luchte


you have already slept
one thousand years
you wear the costume
masochist or sadist?
is there an outside?
or is there a happy
balance of terrorism?
Can we step outside?
Is there an outside
that is not merely
another otherly world?
an illusory reward
for a love not 
given lightly
I will suffer here,
I will exploit here,
it is all part
of God's plan
is it possible to
think differently?
for some people 
perhaps, but these
dominating projections
prevail, and the meek
ask after the near time
of their inheritance - 
nothingness is all!!!
power is the criteria!!!
for truth, beauty, good
whip me or I will whip you!
Can you believe that this
wondrous dawn has come
to this horrifying place -
lost, lacerated, destroyed -
is there anything else left?
there are "lights" left
yet life is transformed
no longer rely on the
naive substratum of the
Constitution etc.  those
actions in the places of
the other rapidly begin
to happen in our own
Walt Disney Dreamworld!!!
But it is all beyond
a mere entertainment tycoon
toward the mess that has
been made of all our heads
Thorsten Veblen cums several
colours til his coffin explodes
words are meaningless!
we will talk 
ourselves to death!
But, that would require us to
actually do something - 
as we set 
waiting for them 
to take us away 
we play out 
our parlour games
I am outside!
I can still breathe!
there is good food! love!
drink! - I will affirm an
alternative possibility!
Yet, the world is transformed
diseases emerge from an
unnatural world, we are
incarcerated within a
Militarist and Religious
regime which methodically 
utilizes, then kills us, 
economically -
spiritually - as 
raw material in a 
field of production.
We are cultivated,
havested and sold.
Each is a prisoner.
Or, one could merely
affirm these chains
as agents of liberation.
Then all would be well.
Or, I can refuse.
Our commitment is the fuel.
Resistance is the key.

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