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James Luchte


     yawn & stupor affectations PR suck pr cock
SLSSPSget that stock maeket up above 10000000pinkl m,.e borimng
morasss of hy'ocristyTHERFUCKING LIARSm,.=
nnsnnnsnSELi .ill die before i suckl your asshioleLspspiisnsn 
POATH sterilkations of the poor m  rip out your throateat your you
don't have to careflesh did y\w ever even efuck the gdp is it is
murder xpect more kror tha t anythiig woulddever creep out of thje
m,ud mjdca polutation\tn ffuck relponksibility if it means being a
fascist wankerluyhselections in & slmctions out processual
genocides murder all theaeime every waking hour second i will not
tryust him his breathihg is too fast he is edgy fuzz static
electric glues on sucksshissolve asjklqwieat to forget you want me
to forget y7oubwant m we to forget you want me to forgetETIC
BORUINGin the space thrasymacas power orgasmic
neoİfeudal ejaculations birth rex deus

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