Dorel Cheminson

tall slender graceful she is,
stout short broad she is,
natty curly wooly kinky
straight strong hair she is
broad straight stubby nose she is

white teeth as ivory when she smiles
lips formed and full she smiles
cheek bones like Cleopatra she is
skin ebony black white coffee brown
beige shiny and beautiful she is.

large hips that sway when she walks
carries a history of her past.
calm, gentle, gracious, wise.
can't be disguised

heavenly creature God come from God
positioned on earth for
all mankind to behold
set as light upon a tower I was told
token that beauty liveth ever

seer, witch, doctor, nurse
All these things they call the curse
burnt at the stake, enslaved
domesticated, like a sphinx
rise up smiling

not destroyed by degradation
neither by severe alienation
and deprivation, speak words
to all who will listen
is the humblest knows
the truth she teaches
she who dwells in places meek
send light everlastiing
to those who seek
for your history
thanks be to God
endurance determination
for all to be had
she is the waters,
the universe, space,
earth, stars, wrapped in one

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