what's it to you

Li Min Hua

I give you five almonds on which to make a
Four of which will come true.
I give you a tune to whistle in the dark
on your way home alone.
I give you two-penny-worth of bubblegum,
like an argument.
I give you seven pineapple sandwiches
with sour mayonnaise.
I give you S2.69 to see a sad western movie
in the deepfreeze.
I give you a leaf to crumble and sniff
in all its liquid greenness.
I give you a cloud to watch as it
darts behind a cathedral.
I give you eighteen aspirin for the eighti-
Madonna of the Shrine of the Blue Moon.
I give you glass tinkling as a peasant goes
     to market.
I give you a dry fountain, moss-covered,
I give you hammers to bang down doors.

I give you gold to steal.
I give you eyes that will dilate while staring.
I give you a chin to tickle.
I give you this much: for all this
Won't you love me just an itsy, bitsy bit,

And we stood naked, alone in the same room:
father and daughter, husband and wife,
man and woman, boy and girl,
afraid, measuring our pants,
lungs like minced meat.
I would stop this noise if I could.
I would fly to soar down,
to perform for you so as to perform with you.
To celebrate us.

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