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Between the lines
a cleavage of thought
betwixt and between
round mammary spheres...

down the valley
the mount of olympus
vying with venus
that divine abode

Upward thrust
bearing down
lifting lunging
thrashing plunging
cries and moans of ecstasy

astride the thighs
lovers twine
inside outside
weeping banks
flanks of honey dew.

Now the point of exclamation
only the gentle soft gyration
round hipped rides
rhythmic slumber
aftermath of tidal flow
lapping lazy 'gainst the shore
bodies beached hunger spent
twice blessed; coupled coda

Today Troubadour

Love burst open
	      at the seams
sings praises long and loud
angels of the skies
aura of the chosen -

Caught fast in the waves
where rocks reach down
amd more than sailors drown....

a raging storm
a sudden calm
extremes of heat
flush of cheek
		though wan: a sensitif
			    a love lorn swan
			    lovely Leda
			    Venus borne of shell
			    bared Eve before damnation
			    Lovely Rita Meter Maid
			    Madonna, Warhol would have printed
			    as was Marilyn repeated....

The symbol, cypher, metaphor
the promo, pin up, superstar;
while underneath the heights of glory
a Valentine is sent to someone
			   just plain ordinary.....

Balancing the Imbalance

Hiding from the sun
is hardship
losing many species

		As human beings kill each other
		They play war games in their leisure
		Hunt their quarry in braying packs
		Hurl abuse as they attack

		Little wonder there's no future
		in the food chain felling trees
		climate's gone crazy cauing havoc

		Is there no leadership without bribes
		Where multinationals rule the skies.
		Politics poach on hallowed ground
		Parade their parts without pride
		Deny the truth, endanger lives
		Grab your money as their right

		File the days into night
		Pollute every breath we take
		And staple need -
			Advertise with special caution
			Hypocrits on every side....

		Little wonder there's no quiet as
		Decibels overeach themselves
		Pills and powder, rock and roach
		Induce exuce the wonderful.

Maybe just once in two days time
A truce will sit on the plimsol line
Mark the level of capacity
Define the volume of veracity.

Light and the Light -

paintings of Ruthstage

As stars splash on water/white
Spats on the beaches
Lighten dark tracks

Each country a colour range
Each climate pitching the tine
Whilst persons unknown
continue to stroll
		   in middle distance...

As a breeze moves the trees
Light plays hide and seek
Gently blinking and winking
Dappled days into night

Trail blazing through nature
Handling light as a torch
Precious stones on a keyboard
So golden the touch

	      	As if Wordsworth had surfaced
	      	In awesome expression
		To enrapture and capture
		Our reason for Being 


What is love, but
the sad weet taste
of knowing...
a truth without an armour
to hide behind:
no words of weaponry
in self-defence...
a body bared in every sense
alive and quivering
resistant to the earthly circuit:
thus shocks abound
violent jolts of adjustment
- high peaks of frequency
to low troughs of energy....
the laws of attraction
and repulsion
- the magnetic poles of parity.

The winds will blow
and the sun casts shadows
- seasonal sport
for Gods and Kings
while we children
stumble headlong
(haunted echoes)
just toys and playthings,
fragile leaves
in Autumns arms -
held, then tossed
as so much lumber
flotsam floating
on the hard hard ground -
structures shredded
into driftwood -

			yet love lifts her skirts
			to every Spring.

      C is for Cancer

Cancer is a cunt of a word
Though convex in character
- An invader of property
Personal, the body -
Unbidden guest to be burned

				Even the word accounts for stress
				Where its shadow casts much gloom
				Gives a tumour prominence
				Can spread and ravage, defile
				Its host: gatecrashing and demanding

Thinking all the time about cancer
And the thought of what it means
To all of us, each of us, one of us

Living with its dirty secrets
Finding out the do's and don't's
The many tests and scans
The treatment and the therapy
Side effects and legacy

The gallows humour and
The mood swings -
		  stark reminders of mortality

The short term day to day believing
The long term look ahead denying.


	  Autumn's Grief

Leaves falling from the sky as bombs
The flight of summer and the refugee
Walking to and fro for peace
chanting less a Christmas carol -

Disasters drift into windy sockets
Crying eyes smoke filled blues
Not a case of grand finale
But the closing of the doors -

The reds and brown burn in pyres
The black and white negate the grey
Nature and the human race hasten
Hasten to expire.....

Budding hope can be green
As wishful thinking buries greed
As longing as one lone tree
Stands unclad but indestructible!



There's me and There's You
And in Between
	   An Eye for an Eye
	   And the Avenger

There's Them and There's Us
And in Between

	   A No Man's land
	   With Blunderbliss

There's Fear and There's Trust
And in Between

	   A Jaundiced Eye
	   Hand on the Bible

There's Peace and There's War
And in Between

	   A Refuge in Flight
	   From Harm

    November 2001

Whilst Fighting For Peace
There's Mighty Fighting
Rights of Arms
And Oily Rigging

Unholy Alliance
In the Name of Gods
Warriors for Lords
The Lackeys Pain

Follow My Leader
Sheep to the Slaughter
Defy the Dictator
Succomb to torture

Riase that Flag
Of Whichever State
And Bloody the Cloth
torn into Pieces

Ignore Your Heart
And Beware of the Peril
Soldier of Fortune
No Medals to Mind

       The Climax

You asked me questions
with regard to climax -
where words are torrents
		with semantic fluid
 where feelings gasp across the slipway
  and the height of the unattained is reached.

The cliff of consciousness
hangs but a moment
bucked beyond the brimming cup
- the overflow spills from the lip
mouthes the magic that is bliss
breaks the wind in directions kiss,
strokes the skin of passions face
races riots down Lucretias neck
laughs rhythms in a Samba swing

		- You bit the apple
		  till the cheeks are red
		- You draw the viper
		  to its fountain head
		- You drink the nectar
		  from a Venus brew

We create the lotus life
where even poems pass away......

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