We Black

Oluwarotimi Ogunnubi

We black but donít get it twisted
Doesnít necessarily mean we dark 
Fists clenched in black gloves
Right hand raised up high
We black and we proud
When the crime rate rises 
And street crime doubles 
Drug related killing increases
Crack heads doing their thing 
In Brixton is the norm 
Crack heads and crack thangs
Still born babies 
Crack mothers no longer resemble ladies 
Society puts the blame on 
We blacks 
In high schools our boys
Get thrown out of class
Young girls reproducing fast 
Kids having kids
Parents ever advising them to be careful
Blacks killing blacks 
No more fist fights 
Teenager packing gats
We blacks 
I boycott the news
Cause nothing about it is ever good
Too many brothers and sisters 
Making their television debut
On Crime Watch UK
My people are we okay 
If youíre wit me 
Where the fuck you at
Too many fathers day cards
Going to mothers 
Too many daddies are absent 
Family unit non-present
Kids growing up in environments 
Where their parents have never
Been pleasant to each other 
How difficult could it be 
Or they just been programmed not to bother 
Too many hip hop mummies 
Far from capable of being mothers 
Abusing their children
Unconcerned with their education
Early development or further enhancement 
Preoccupied with what dress to wear 
To Twice As Nice or Silk City 
How many nice mansí numbers
She gonna draw 
Our future un-cared for 
Incarcerated uneducated 
Uncompassionate unemployed 
Like orange the future should be bright
Are we moving backwards?
We black!

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