at the vatican meeting

Leigh Avon

if the tulips induce insanity
or if the curve of an arm
	-an arm in motion, connected to a hand
or if the motion of a hand in greeting
becomes the agent of incomprehensible intensity
or if the sound of wind through railway tunnels
	mournful with the mourning of along
can cause unbearable density of sensation

then all else follows and time is spherical
	(finite but without bound or border)
time is as a ball, a globe spinning on an axis
spinning on the spindle that is a human touch
a tulip
a tune whistled by a breeze in a tunnel

provoked into existence (piqued)
(there can be nothing to fear now)
no sorrow, so solitude, no numinous solace,
for turn and turn again

what happens only once
might just as well have never happened

what happens time and time again identical
becomes monument

		*    *    *    *    *

the tulip grows and dies and waits
and waits and grows and dies again interminally;
this arm in motion
connected to a hand in salutation
grows strong, withers, becomes dust

and then is reborn 

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