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A Philosophy of Toys

James Luchte


slides yawn         via\       chasm
abyss    suspends                   chaos       & swift 
      this to #           subduer of gods & men
that  @                         genetic modification
      genocide human meat vegan orgasm
  sink                         sucks splash
             kaa-plunk            burn to death
 diffuse                raped by thirty para-militias
disintegrate                       torture counter-insurgency
ssspit & dig smell traces - ether          thrown out of planes
         touch: 'but can you pay up          fucks lightbulbs lit
the milk bill - thirty five quid -      infect populations              
bring it all down so much lower - keep ugliness safe        
destroy profit death                sell blood
 organs        weapons disease         toxic waste
       drugs female sex slaves     amidt   nihilistic solipsism            
pay up - singular gate+++ council                         extortion -         
your money/yo=0ur lie flows                small soft white                
envelop + dig deep cross          reference          meaninglessness       
 pay your         milk bill!         whole milk cream cap for 
       pregnant tongues          drawn &                                        
quartered           seven times w/ 
           salt slash           sprinkles
                           seven  - screams of an infant
               televisions & fake transcendental 
     contemplations - dreams - whispers       
         silken    invisibility         swallows 
    deranged         sense  spit  'hi honey i'm home'
     withdraws            kiss methodological 
             silence: can       say no-thing                           
no more -- lips vibrate -------- []

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