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James Aire

Heidegger & the Nazis …


one must look at Rosenberg


to understand the differance –


one of the dark lights shines, casts


paradoxical shadows upon Heidegger’s silence


as did Carnap and his mustered pretenders


Wittgenstein will always be ambiguous


De-nazified Heidegger – Letter on Humanism


The authentic meaning of action… the secret


thought thrown unconcealing concealing


Alethea, the goddess of childbirth, in the Iliad


haunted via a selfish and violent hegemony.


Is it so difficult to be hit by a conversation?


sit alone, contemplate nothing, sublime ecstasy


patterns across the paintings, contours, bodies, flesh


Am ‘I’ merely the product of a repression, sublimation?


Where is this trace, these traces? Am ‘I’ not All and Each?


But, what does this, these, mean?  In which contexts?


I can give no answer, only indications, intimations


Is there anything else that ‘I’ can say? Show?




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