The Prey and Other Poems

Dorel Cheminson

The Prey
In waters of the shallow bay
The speckled sardines
Came out to play
As they hide from their prey
Each busily swimming
In water feet high
They concentrate as they
Await their fate

All of a sudden
An apiary of gulls
Descend on sand sodden
The sardines frightened
Aroused and taking flight
With speed and cunning
Disappears out of sight.

I stepped of the plane
At Montego Bay airport
The crimson sun
Glaring and hot
Burnt the ground
And my feet too
Ground that once grew grass
Now is parched and cracked
Dusty-thirsty for rain
With scortched grass,
Hastened to death by dehydration
Soon wither and disintegrate
Not a drop of rain
To quench their thirst
Till the next burst of stormy sky
When rain will descend on all
And soon after the warm rain falls
As it beats against my window pane
The warm air rises
And the sweet smell of wet earth
Is inhaled
The golden sun is seen in the sky
And the only sound that is heard
Is the rush of water in swollen gullies
Beauty suddenly returns
And green grass sways
As it garnishes every pathway.

From heathrow airport I fly
High up in the sky
Thrity thousand feet or more
In space above clouds
No horison
Everywhere is oneness

Time become and rhythm and movement
Unfolding the mystery
Of the time zone
Time difference
No night
Evening change to evening
Crossover somewhere

Between now and infinity
Barriers transcended
Time stood still.

Bright golden-red rays of sun
Seen in the sky
At the ocean's edge
Like a fluffy ball
It dips into the sea
Its fiery colours bathed
By the waters
Cause a reflection
As it quietly descends
Behind the horison
Leaving dust to quickly
Hasten the night
And waves to pound the beach
As the wooded vegetation
Come alive
With strange and noisy sounds
Of creatures that there abound.

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