The Last Cause

Peter Mitchelson

The last cause - is no cause
Flurried and fluttered by Autumn Berlin
Agenda-ised, fertilised, civilised
By no being
Worth sound biting or spinning
Fur coated 'gainst all credibility
The last cause, is no cause
No dark shadow plaintiff
No desert pilgrimage dawn
No rustic mews to muse sonorously
The last cause - is no cause
Pyramided, Towered, Babelised
Mating with Mars
Poetically void of espirit fossils
And agape
The Last Cause - is no cause
Plied, ridden, sunken, emasculated twixt
Powerless sub-culture toys and
Skelatal, egregiously and urgently dowen, stowen gain,
Polarised, pointless
Waiting hopelessly for historys own say
The last cause - is no cause
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