That Which Has Brought Me To This Place

Ray Scraggs

You take a left instead of a right
You go this way instead of that
And the years pile up
And it?s hard to accept
The consequences
Of past actions that have been

So I end up in a place
That wasn?t part of the plan
I don?t really know how I got here
It?s just the way that my life has ran

So I look back on my history
To try to find how I ended up here
But the view is distorted
And the conclusions are unclear

But I guess it wasn?t one single moment
Or some brilliant cosmic flash
That has caused this moment to be as it is
But the totality of my life
With all the good and all the bad
That has brought me to this place
Of doubt and disbelief

But in its own time this place
Will lead me on to somewhere else
And may be to a place of beauty
And if I am lucky may be to a place of peace

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