Maureen Scott

The Guardian today says
the whole of Africa
faces death from Aids,
while Posh and Becks
sign another mega
millions deal to secure
their miserable little lives.
Posh and Becks out of
control spending wise,
whilst Africa dies.
Fund a vaccine,
you nouveau riche
little cunts, at least.

Now, another windfall,
Milan wants Becks
for forty million quid. 
Is this any way to live?
At this rate he'll soon
be outpacing Bill Gates,
but Gates did at least 
donate some money to Aids.
This pair of twits
will become king and queen
of planet earth in the
next few hours unless
this madness is stopped.

Posh Spice, over rich
stupid overgrown teenagers
run this world, on
partying Ibiza style,
an insane dream.

Posh and Becks go
shopping is the daily
refrain, oh my do they
need dethroning from
their matching thrones,
for every day their
fortune grows.

Leave behind this
wonderland and take
our hands into the
promised land where
there is no Hello
magazine to be seen.

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