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Stupid White Boy, Stupid White Family

James Luchte


  & they tell us  --- "they"--  {dat standard media 
      re-pre-sentation}  they tell us that all is well      
       THE community   has returned to its normality      
      remembrance  a bombin' campaign against everyone  ---
          via a lonely white boy who claims   to have 
       diminished responsibility   ---   don't worry  
    there's no     need to panic,  just this confused,
   stupid white boy who in no way reflects    these views 
     of the more general, benificent pop-adulation at large - 
   there is no need to worry === indeed you may feel safe 
       for your police force, though institutionally racist, 
      did get THE BOMBER! a stupid white boy!     yah, just relax      
while we re-brand ourselves!         it just goes to show that     
all yous alarmists went way    toos far thinkin' it was some    
 kinda  far right-wing conspiracy, there is some kinda pan-           
 european, global racist AmeriKKKan bombing/burning/biological           
  warfare campaign - no yous was wrong  - JUST A STUPID         
 WHITE BOY -      nothing else besides, despite all da racist      
bomb threats dat followed in da wake of dat initial outrage,       
one from this eltham phone box  --- no, no, no - do not worry      
 don't believe extremists, alarmists who would wish you to              
believe this entire establishment is racist to its very core                
no no no it was just a stupid white boy,   so                  
 unimportant that we will not even talk about it &                
 neither will THE media  --    it's not a priority!!!     
 but we will talk about each tearful anecdote of          
police   dissatification on being branded 'racist',     
their heartfelt         anxiety in the face of 'potential criminals' - 
favorite              hobbies, turn ons, turn offs, favorite colours -- 
stupid    white        boy, despite 11,000 racist attacks 
in this past year in        London alone! despite dat WHITE WASH &  
infinite   postponement  of justice for Stephen Lawrence, 
Brian Douglas,   dis prolonged rape  of da Brixton market    
      we gaze at  our telescreens at   each dying face in Ethiopia,           
not a   MOUTHFUL of        aid, while 'white' [kossovans]  receive      
PRE-BAKED loaves of       bread (a muslim is 'white' if 'it' is     
    anti-communist) --         not dusty bags of grain -   
standard african fare   ---       do you know what I am saying?   
    Take a    lesson from Zimbabwe!            just a stupid white
       boy, despite dis war in da streets,          racist gangs, 
       networks @ websites, magazines, MPs ---    no       no don't 
            worry        JUST a stupid white boy, despite an 
             institutionally   racist white family that pretends not
 to      rule --  will william or harry marry an african, asian, as 
         each of them should?           Dis white family dat  
    rules    is a stupid white family,     THEY all say 'it' don't
 reflect THE    whole, despite  asylum       seeking concentration
 camp frenzy       stupid white family,     racist,  diminished 
 in responsibility       due to in-breeding,     don't worry, they
 say they have no             'future',     despite    their stake 
in a racist history--  - da Queen THE richest in land & NYC -- 
        internet 'billionairess' maps out her territory  
             white supremacist grand dragoness KKK 
         stupid white boy       stupid white family 

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